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Best Business Book, Sell Or Be Sold By Grant Cardone Now Available as Audiobook

In a press release from March 5th, it was announced that Grant's Cardone's groundbreaking book on sales and selling titled "Sell Or Be Sold" is now available in an audio book format.

In 2013, "Sell Or Be Sold" was named Axiom's Best Business Book.

Originally self published as "Sell To Survive" Grant added six additional chapters and republished it under the new title "Sell Or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way In Business And In Life"

"In 2008 after the Lehman’s collapse, I knew the world economy would be forever changed and the impact would be devastating. I wanted to help people understand how they not only could just survive, but also thrive during this new economic climate. It was the first book I wrote and I remember information was just flowing out of me. I’ve been in business as an entrepreneur and a salesperson for so many years that every speech, every meeting, every bit of advice I ever offered, just came pouring out of me and onto paper. I wrote it in three days. That book led me to write three others and I’m working on my fifth book now. It changed the game for me and for my business," explains Grant Cardone.

Sell Or Be Sold delivers vital information that will be applicable to any business or situation where one finds that negotiation, persuasion and people skills are of significant value for actual success. Grant will offers insights that generate results and show listeners and readers The Power of Prediction, The Importance of Agreement, Establishing Trust, The Price Myth, The Perfect Sales Process and much more.

You can also get copies of the book and or audio by calling 310-777-0352.

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