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Best Breakup Movie: John Tucker Must Die

We have all been there. We had our hearts broken we even broke a couple of hearts ourselves. After a breakup it could be painful to watch a romantic comedy or drama. If you just broke up and are looking for a movie to cheer you up try John Tucker Must Die.

John Tucker Must Die came out in summer of 2006 and it is a comedy. John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is a player. He dates girls from different cliques so they don't know each other. He also tells the girls that he dates to keep it quiet because he can't have a girlfriend because it interferes with the basketball team. One day a new girl Kate (Brittany Snow) transfers to the school and in gym class another girl says she is dating John Tucker. Two girls who are also dating him find out and they get into a fight. They plan to set him up with Kate and for her to break his heart. Down the line John starts to fall for Kate and he sees what it is like to be played.

John Tucker Must Die is a great movie to watch after a breakup because it shows that a lot of girls had their share fair of dating players. Most romance movies make it seem like there is always happily ever after. This movie shows that in reality you don't always get your prince.

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