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Best Bi Short Stories: Bi fiction anthology kickstarter launched

Usually in this column I write about other people's books, but today I am pleased to announce that my bisexual fiction anthology, Best Bi Short Stories is finally ready to be published.

Eight years in the making: 23 stories and authors
Book cover: Circlet Press

Best Bi Short Stories is a groundbreaking anthology of literary fiction short stories featuring bisexual characters and storylines, the first ever produced. As the title suggests, the writing is of consistently high quality throughout the book, with characters that jump off the page and into the reader’s imagination. LGBT literary stars Cecilia Tan, Katherine Forest and the late, great Jane Rule (the classic les/bi film Desert Hearts was inspired by one of her novels) are all contributors, as well as a group of published authors and talented newcomers.

Bisexual stories make fascinating fodder for fiction. The creativity of our writers have taken this to the next level by sifting it through their imaginations and coming up with exciting, mysterious, inventive ideas that weave bisexuality through the tapestry of their subconscious into a captivating piece of fiction. This anthology offers a smorgasbord of genres that each show bi characters through their own unique prism: mystery/noir, vampire, sci-fi and speculative fiction, historical fiction, experimental, micro-fiction, magical realism, slash fiction, as well as contemporary bi fiction. The world created by each author is extraordinary and specific, drawing the reader in.

Bisexuality in fiction is often more hinted at than fully explored. Oblique references, tantalizing clues, a line here, a detail there, but we are often left reading between the lines. The stories in this book don't hold back: the bisexuality of their characters is on the page. Best Bi Short Stories represents a first in literature: a collection of short stories where the same-sex attractions of its characters don't negate the opposite sex ones and vice versa. But this is not the typical bisexuality seen in literature: this book brooks no stereotypes.

When I first had the idea for a bisexual anthology, in the early 90s, there were very few bisexual books in print. Even though there were several books of gay short stories and lesbian short stories, there were no books of bisexual short stories. Today, even though more bisexual books are getting published, there is still no collection of bi fiction short stories. None.

I spent six years trying to get a publisher. But getting a bisexual book published isn't easy, even by lesbian and gay publishers. Most liked the book but weren't sure how to market it and were afraid a bisexual book wouldn't sell. I got comments like "it's not really in our wheelhouse" or "it wouldn't be fair to you if we publish it." I was offered contracts that either never came, were never signed or were contingent upon agreeing to dump half the stories. Stories I loved, by writers who had patiently waited years for me to get a book deal. Finally Circlet Press and Cecilia Tan stepped in.

In order to get this book published, our very indie publisher, Circlet Press, has put together a Best Bi Short Stories Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. For one month, Circlet Press is offering fabulous prize packages and rewards (including the book), if you make a pledge. They have one month to raise all the money or the book gets nothing (that's how Kickstarter works.) Help them get this groundbreaking volume off the ground and into your hands.

Best Bi Short Stories Kickstarter campaign

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