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Best Beauty Asset!

Summer is coming soon and do you know what your best asset is? I have found that if you accentuate your best asset no matter what it is, you will get a compliment because you will feel good about that asset and it will give you confidence. Speaking of confidence if you have extra confidence it will make you extra sexy. You have heard of people really thinking that the person they have a crush on is sexy and you are trying to figure out why, well it is the confidence that person has. No one likes to be around a slepp rock or debbie downer, it is unattractive and no fun.

You have seen people who have beautiful eyes and they wear the makeup just right. You will see a person with great legs and they will wear shorts or a skirt to show them off. Some people will wear shorts all year long if they can, to show off their best asset, (smile). If you have nice lips wear that beautiful shade of lipstick to show them off and they will get noticed.

Some people just have impeccable style and can pull off anything and look stunning and they do not have to have a face that is a ten. You might just have a unique style that only you can wear. An example of who can wear just about anything and get away with it, it is the singer Rihanna! She has such confidence in what she is wearing because she likes it and she doesn't care what others think. It also helps that she is young ,beautiful and in good shape. I have seen many people wear hairstyles that only they will look beautiful in, because they have beautiful hair. Have you figured out what your best asset is? I know one that just about everyone can wear well and that is a smile! When you wear a smile and your happy and having fun in life, now that is what everyone wants to be around. Find your best asset and shine it up!

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