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Best bartenders Friday: Who's serving Des Moines' best sips?

Do you know an awesome bartender in town? Add them in the comments section!
Do you know an awesome bartender in town? Add them in the comments section!
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The concept is simple. There are the kind of bartenders that are mediocre, and even some that flat out suck. But then -every so often- a bartender comes around that makes even a Helen Keller shot* taste downright fabulous. These are the ones in Des Moines that I've found. 

Chris Fabela (Plaza Pub): Chris is a new acquaintance of mine and the reason I return to Plaza Pub over and over. He is also a Des Moines firefighter and EMT. So not only can he get you wasted, he can resuscitate you after you go unconscious! He's in the process of planning a party bus trip to Lazerfest this year. So if you have your tickets, call him up for details on how to hitch a ride with us! Beats drunk driving from Indianola ANY day.

Dan Zimmerman (Zimm's): Dan always knows what you want to drink, even when you have no idea. Next time you're having decision anxiety just waltz up to Dan and say for example 'I want something tangy'. And another perk of his, according to my anonymous gay pal is, "he is super pretty." 

Know a good bartender that should be recognized? Add that mixologist's details in the comment section and don't keep them a secret!

*For those that don't know what the Helen Keller shot is (don't get offended, I didn't make it up) it's where the bartender closes his eyes, makes obscene noises, and with his eyes closed he chooses 3 different hard alcohols from the wall, he mixes them together and that's a Helen Keller shot. Most of the time it tastes AWFUL!