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Best bakery in the Metroplex: Cafe Mozart in Plano

Mozart's opus
Mozart's opus
Ariza S.

Don't let the seemingly shabby digs from the street-side view deter you, if your interested in some of the greatest pastries you're likely to find in all the Metroplex, you simply must do your due diligence and pull into the parking lot of Cafe Mozart Bakery located at 2070 W Spring Creek Parkway in Plano. The neighborhood's best days might be far behind it, and the strip mall in which the bakery is housed might almost be accurately labeled "scary," but if you make the trek, take the chance, and walk inside, you'll be met with rewards you never in you life expected. Once inside, one thing is for certain: You will return.

Never had I seen such perfectly displayed confections. The pies were immaculate and meticulously crafted, the loaves of bread, sometimes in unusual flavors the most amazing shades of golden brown to darker ryes. Everything smelled of the freshest perfection that trying to keep my purchases to a reasonable number proved nearly impossible. I was intoxicated by the attention to detail of the bakers. From excellent multi-colored macaroons to a delectable loaf of buttered bread filled with a light airy sweet cream, if you are breathing, you will find something to love here.

The bakers take specialization of European style pastry and deserts to heights I've never experienced with their succulent croissants filled or unfilled with exquisitely diverse selection of fruits and spices or finely presented mousses, but don't forget to broaden your horizons with some of their Asian inspired pastries. Some of the ingredients might make you question, but relax and have a little faith, chances are you'll love whatever they serve.

Cafe Mozart also offers a healthy variety of teas, bubble, hot or otherwise, as well as rich smoothies, and coffee. The bakery's interior is clean, warm, and inviting. Sit and enjoy your confections as seating is available. Just a word of warning: If you don't live close, prepare to spend tanks upon tanks of gas traveling to Cafe Mozart because nothing else I've found compares. Not even close.


  • Camille - Dallas Health & Beauty Examiner 5 years ago

    Yum...I live nearby but have never visited this place. I will be sure to check it out!

  • Meme 5 years ago

    Oh and the Raisin Bread!!! It is the BEST!!! The perfect breakfast item to keep on hand when the in-law call!

  • Bakery Buff 5 years ago

    We chanced on this recently while eating Thai next door. It is AMAZING. REAL butter and eggs pastry. This is the closest you will find to true Vienna style confections in Dallas.

  • Kim 5 years ago

    There is another Mozart Bakery off of 35 and Royal Lane. Off of Royal and Emerald St. in the heart of Koreatown.

  • PlanoObserver 4 years ago

    What about that strip mall resembles "scary?" Unless, of course, one has to venture out of Highland Park and walk among the plebes.

    It's a nice place in a quiet little shopping center in the suburbs of Plano with a walking trail and library next to the shopping center.

  • Planoite 4 years ago

    I second this comment that this strip mall is far from "scary". True, it's not the posh section of Plano known as Willow Bend, but its just an average strip mall for Central Plano. That said, I agree with the rest of the article, in that this is one of the best bakeries in all the Metroplex, and very underrated. It is almost always empty when I've been here.

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