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Best baby pajamas: The Children's Place at The Grove

Stretchie pajamas rock!
Stretchie pajamas rock!
sharon bordas

When you really sit down and do the math, babies spend over half their time in pajamas, and yet many of us enter into parenthood without a single pair on hand.  Late night struggles with screaming newborns who are protesting while being fastened into pajamas made up of a complicated set of snaps or ribbons are taking place in homes all across Los Angeles.  And yet this suffering is completely unnecessary.  A cheap and easy solution can be found just around the corner at the Grove. 

The Children's Place carries what is known as the stretchie pajama; a simple zip up design in a variety of seasonal patterns for boys and girls, ages zero to 3T.  And they offer them at the bargain price of three for $24.99, which makes them practically disposable.  So what if your kid throws up all over them or that new green diaper you've been experimenting with doesn't quite do the job?  If they don't wash out, throw them away, go to the Grove for lunch and pick up another set. 

The Children's Place is a chain with locations all over California; check our their website to find a store near you. 


  • Francie 5 years ago

    these are great... and if you're up in Camarillo at the outlets they have the same stuff only cheaper!