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Best attractions in Memphis, Part 1

Panda cub
Panda cub
AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko, File

Walking up to the gates of the Memphis Zoo is like entering a time machine. The brightly colored mauve and aqua stone structures depict the flavor of ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphics carve stories of a former way of life.

                                                      Free admission Tuesday afternoons

From 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoons, Tennessee residents can explore the zoo’s 70 acres free of charge. Patients who come from St. Jude can get in free after their visits to the hospital.


Hewn rocks line both sides of a moat draws people to its unique design. It’s the perfect spot for viewing the Egyptian archway into Cat Country on your left, trails to the Asian exhibit, elephants straight ahead or the well-stocked gift shop on the right.

                                                                     Cat Country

Lions and tigers reign supreme in the jungle; and are heralded as must-see animals in the zoo. Visitors point out the leopards spots; and seek out distinctive marks of cheetahs and jaguars. The dense jungle habitat gives your tour through Cat Country the feel of a safari.

                                                                              Giant Pandas

YaYa & LeLe give the Memphis Zoo the distinction of being one of only four zoos in America that have giant pandas. The China exhibit starts with a pavilion steeped in exquisite oriental architecture. A picturesque walk on a path overlooking otters, pheasants and cranes. Your Asian journey culminates with the mammothly handsome & cuddly panda bears.

                                                                       Northwest Passage

Totem poles invite you to step back into a more primitive time in the Pacific Northwest. A sleek white polar bear may be sunning on the cliff of a huge rock, but it won’t be long before he plunges head first into the huge water tank. You may remember their acting debut in Coca-Cola commercials years ago. The Northwest Passage includes an amphitheater which seats 500 viewers for daily sea lion shows.
In addition to the above exhibits, you’ll see zebras, elephants, hippos and more than 3,500 animals at the Memphis zoo. Visit this attraction for an educational, entertaining way to spend the day.

                                                                               Hours and Admission

Admission to the Memphis Zoo is $13 for adults 12-59; $12 for 60 and older. Ages 2-11 costs $8, while children under two are admitted free. The zoo is open from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. March through October, closing one hour earlier November through February.

Memphis Convention & Visitor’s Bureau offers a coupon for $2 off General Zoo Admission: Valid 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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