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Best Attractions for Kids in Boston

Boston Common
Boston Common
Photo by Paul Marotta

Boston is a fantastic city for keeping children busy, active and learning. Just a walk through the Boston Common is enough for a fun day filled with education and physical activity. It does not take much exploring. However, the big attractions will really fill days with lots of family-friendly fun. Moreover, these places are the kind that stay with children for the rest of their lives and become family traditions for the next generation.

Swan Boats
4 Charles St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 635-4505

The Swan Boats at the Boston Public Garden are a long tradition that offer simple enjoyment to children. For more than 130 years, these boats have been for hire in this historic garden, transporting guests on a short journey through the park's waterways. Because the water freezes in the winter, this is not a year-round activity. The best time to ride these swan-shaped boats is during the spring when the park's famous tulips and other flowers are in bloom.

Franklin Park Zoo/Stone Zoo
1 Franklin Park Road
Dorchester, MA 02121
(617) 541-5466

The Franklin Park and Stone Zoos are favorites for people all over New England. Animals include zebras, apes, monkeys, flamingos, tapirs, wolves and much more. Every child in the area should experience this city zoo at least once in their lifetime. Families can easily make a full day out of it. There are plenty of concessions inside the zoo and even a store to help visitors commemorate their trip. Zoo enthusiasts will be excited to know that they can accommodate for birthday parties at both zoos.

Boston Children's Museum
308 Congress St
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

The Boston Children's Museum had educational, interactive displays all over the museum. Children can dress up, sing, do construction and learn about their heritage. Most importantly, children can play. This is a place meant for children who truly believe activity is a part of learning. Little ones will be worn out at the end of a day at this museum. A giant Hood Milk Bottle outside serves ice cream for those who want to end the day with a treat on the Children's Wharf.

Museum of Science, Boston
1 Science Park
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 723-2500

Science- and math-oriented children will love the Museum of Science in Boston. It has some temporary exhibits, so there is always something new to see. However, its permanent exhibits are worth seeing as well, especially the Electricity Room, which features a lightning show that is not to be missed. Visitors can also buy tickets to IMAX productions and other special shows at the ticket desk. A large food court provides concessions with multiple different options to choose from.

New England Aquarium
1 Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 973-5200

Children growing up in New England often have a lot of experiences with the ocean, but the New England Aquarium allows them experience it in a whole new way. From interacting with playful harbor seals to getting a glimpse at deep ocean habitats in the deep ocean tank, the New England Aquarium offers a wide range of activities. Children can even touch some of the sea creatures on an average visit. With a behind-the-scenes pass, they get to feed them and help their keepers.

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