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Best Asian Food In Bethesda Is At Foong Lin

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The House of Foong Lin offers some of the best Asian cuisine in Bethesda without question. They have been in operation for over thirty years and they have regular customers who will not order food from anywhere else.

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Their egg rolls are incredible, they are flavorful and full of pork and cabbage and deep fried to an unhealthy perfection, the fried rice is amazing and full of shrimp or chicken or vegetables, the entrees are well worth the price. The five flavored Shrimp comes with a sauce that is absolutely perfect. The sweet and sour shrimp is also incredibly flavored and delectable. The Won Ton soup is truly an experience, if one were to go on a soup diet; you could literally live on the won ton soup and probably still drop the pounds.

Prices range from nine dollars to around sixteen dollars depending on the entrée. Chicken and Vegetarian entrees tend to be priced cheaper than seafood and beef.

They are located at 4613 Willow Lane in downtown Bethesda, across from the Farmer’s Market along Wisconsin Avenue, with free delivery of takeout orders within a three mile radius. Their telephone number is (301) 656-3427 and their website is available at . Parking in the neighborhood is quite easy, there are several high rise parking garages in the neighborhood.

They also will cater events and banquets and special parties; check the website for more information. Owner, Host and Chef, Mr. Fu Cheung is a very accessible and receptive man; he is extremely easy to make arrangements with and will help you in person with your special event.