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Best Arena comps and how to play a warrior in Season 15 of 'World of Warcraft'

Getting ready for Season 15
Getting ready for Season 15

Warrior’s Role

Warriors are a class that are all about pressure. They have very little Crowd Control and have to give their team room to make plays by pressuring the enemy team into uncomfortable positions. You do this by constantly damaging someone, interrupting, spell reflecting, and fearing. Your fear is as AOE and only on a 1 minute cool-down so you can easily use it to apply pressure or peel for an ally. A great usage is when Hunters use Stampede and unleash all of their pets, you can use your fear to keep them off of an ally and give them more breathing room.

Hard Switching

If you are playing with a Mage, Warlock, and/or Druid you will have a lot of crowd control to throw around. When someone reaches their Diminishing return limit, you can hard switch to that target and start crowd controling someone else. Warriors are great in hard switch comps as they do not need a lot of setup to deal damage to targets and can quickly move from target to target with charge, heroic leap, and intervene.

Hard switching is incredibly effective against healers like Druids or Shaman, who have to keep buffs on their allies to effectively heal them. Hard switching to different targets makes them have to reapply these buffs making it a lot harder to efficiently heal them.

Do the Stance Dance

Using your stances effectively is key to playing a warrior. If you sit in Battle stance while your enemy is on you, you will likely take too much damage and your healer won’t be able to keep you alive but if you sit in Defensive stance while trying to deal damage you probably won’t have enough rage to put out enough damage to kill someone. Your enemies will likely switch off of you after you've been in Defensive stance which then gives you the window to go into Battle stance and dish out damage.

A viable strategy is to start out in Battle stance while your opponents are attacking you and make them feel like they can kill you. Then when they start to get you low you can go into Defensive stance and be a lot harder to kill. Your enemies will think they can kill you because they had so much success dealing damage to you early and you can just tank through the rest of their damage. This is a risky strategy if you aren't familiar with your cool-downs or you don't have good communication with your healer as if they get cc'd and you don't respond you will likely die.


It’s important to layer your defensive cool-downs properly as they do not stack well together. For instance Die by the Sword makes you parry everything for 8 seconds and take 20% less damage. This is amazing against any melee class as you can sit in battle stance and take no damage as long as you face them. This allows you to chase a low target around a pillar and have no fear of dying as long as they are melee and you can face them. If they have a stun it is wise to keep your back to a wall while doing this so they cannot get behind you while you are stunned. Shield wall just makes you take 40% less damage for 12 seconds. This is what you want to pop when you are taking a lot of damage and just plan on tanking through it. It’s a great cool-down to use while you healer is cc’d and cannot heal you for a short amount of time. It pairs well with Rallying Cry which gives your group 20% more maximum health. Demoralizing Banner can also be dropped to reduce enemy damage output by 10% for 15 seconds.

Offensive Cool-Downs should be macro'd together to make you able to burst quickly and efficiently. Having two separate macros is ideal as warriors have quite a few. A good idea is to have your cool-downs that will be up quickly in one category and your long cool-downs in another. It can be viable to macro bloodbath, a trinket and Berserker Rage. This will increase your damage by a good margin and can be used regularly for pressure. The downside to this is that if you use it purely for offensive purposes you can be fear locked as you can waste your Berserker Rage using it for damage instead of breaking fears. If you feel comfortable adding another hot-key in, you can keep Berserker Rage separate from this macro. The other macro you should make combines Skull Banner with Recklessness and Avatar if you have it. This will be your game ending macro that you should only use when going for a kill. It's great to pop this when you know their healer is crowd controlled or interrupted.

Team comps 3v3

  1. WMD: Warrior Mage Druid brings heavy burst and incredibly heavy crowd control. Throw in the ability to hard switch targets at any moment and this comp is downright deadly.
  2. WLD: Warrior Lock Druid is similar to WMD without the same hard switch potential or crowd control synergy. This comp is still deadly in it’s own right and is hard to fight against as all targets are hard to kill.
  3. WLS: Warrior Lock Shaman: Very similar to WLD but more offensive minded as the shaman can interrupt with the warrior and make healers a more viable target to kill.
  4. KFC: Kung Fu Cleave? the name makes no sense but Warriors and Hunters both bring incredibly high raw damage while being able to also sustain it over time. Add a druid or shaman to the mix and you can CC/interrupt for days while bursting down nearly anyone.
  5. TSG: Warriors and Death knights will always have synergy and can work with nearly any healer. Traditionally it has been a Paladin but any healer can be viable in this comp now. Grip and Bladestorm always just go so well together, especially now that DK’s can grip twice in a short time. Add to the mix, DK’s silence and double interrupts and healers have nightmares about this comp.

If you have any thoughts or opinions of your own, please feel free to comment below. If you are confused on stat priority or picking the right talents, this can help.

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