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Best April fools day pranks to play on your spouse

couple, laughing, married
couple, laughing, married
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images for AFI

On April 1st, pranksters from all around the world find devious ways to play a practical joke on the people they love. Children find ways to play pranks on each other, parents, and teachers. Some of these pranks may include putting chalk in chalkboard erasers, or planting a whoopee cushion on a person's chair. The list of pranks for children to play is endless.

Little do people know that April Fools Day isn't just child's play. Spouses can also find fun ways to prank one another.

Here are some of the best ways to prank your better half:

  1. A classic prank to play on your spouse is saran wrapping the toilet bowl. Be forewarned: this prank could get very messy. Have bleach and rags within reach.
  2. Wives, if you really want to prank your husband, say "Happy Anniversary." We all know that men are notorious for forgetting anniversary dates, so not only will you get a chuckle out of his reaction, you may even get a lovely gift.
  3. If your spouse is on dish duty after dinner, you can prank them by wrapping a rubber band around the nozzle of the sink hose. When your sweetheart goes to turn the water on, they will get doused with water. Be careful with this one, now that we are in the electronic age, we don't want any harm to be brought to cell phones and blue tooth devices.
  4. Put Vaseline on your spouse's toothbrush. The slimy and thick consistency will gross them out, and leave you rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.
  5. Does your spouse like hot sauce? Well, the following prank may turn them off from hot sauce forever.
    While your spouse is sleeping, grab a small bottle of hot sauce and put it up close to their nose. Next, drip some of the hot sauce into your spouse's mouth. Be careful with this prank though. If your spouse has an allergy to hot sauce, it is recommended that you skip this prank.

Playing a prank on your other half can be a lot of fun. However, don't play a trick that could ruin your marriage. Be safe about what you choose to do, and have a lot of fun!

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