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Best airhead towable tubes for water sports - an expert review

There are various brands of towable tubes on the market, and they vary in several ways. Sport-savvy people who love water sports need to understand how to make the right choice among several options. This review however sheds more light on the Airhead inflatable tubes.

Compared to several other brands today, Airhead towable tubes have proven to be products of superior quality since several feedbacks in the industry have placed the brand above others. The customer satisfaction level is very high.

Types of Airhead Towable Tubes

Airhead towable tubes are one of the best inflatable tubes on the market because they are made from heavy-gauge PVC bladders and 840 denier nylon covers. As a result, they are very durable. In addition, the brand comes in various shapes, sizes, and colorful styles.

In terms of capacity, Airhead towable tubes can be divided into 4 groups or the number of riders the tube can accommodate at once. The number ranges from 1 rider to 4+ riders, and they can be used by people of all ages.

As regard to shapes, they can be round, U-shaped, hexagonal, or slightly rectangular. The streamlined shapes offer a smooth and enjoyable ride over the water. Some types, especially transformer towable tubes, can be converted from a deck tube to a cockpit tube. Cockpit-style tubes have back support and provide a more comfortable ride for adults and a more secure ride for young children.

The Best Airhead Towable Tubes

As of today, some of the best-rated Airhead towable tubes that people can purchase include the following:

· Viper 2 towable

· Hexsanity 2-person towable tube

· Slide towables

· Matrix towables

· Hot shot towable tube

· Transformer type

· Slash II type

· Hot Dog towables

· 12 rebel tube, with rope and pump kit

The choices are endless. It all depends on the preferences of individuals based on desirable features as well as budget. In every respect, their handles, foam pads and multiple tow points make the water tubes very stable and comfortable to riders. With respect to quality and affordability, it's worth the investment to buy any of the best Airhead towable tubes. The brand is highly recommended.

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