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Best 2014 Super Bowl commercials: Tim Tebow goes 'no contract' with T-Mobile

Tim Tebow stars in T-Mobile Super Bowl ad
Tim Tebow stars in T-Mobile Super Bowl ad
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Tim Tebow doesn't have a contract, but he's happy about it. Formerly a QB for the Broncos, Jets and Patriots, Tebow has turned to acting instead.

He stars in the 2014 T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial and it looks like he's found his calling. Currently a free agent, Tebow seems to be enjoying his time being a man without an NFL team to play for.

Ranked as one of the best commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII, Tebow is featured in a variety of scenes bragging about how good life is without a contract.

Watch Tim Tebow in "What can Tim Tebow Do with No Contract?"

T-Mobile puts Tebow's no contract status to use by using the popular NFL player to promote its no contract cell phone service.

How is life without a contract working out for Tim Tebow? Watch the commercial and you'll see that its freed him up to pursue things like delivering babies, chasing Sasquatch, playing the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band and throwing a football at the moon.

Is this the funniest 2014 Super Bowl ad? It might be.

Not only is it funny, it may make Tebow fans choose to go contract free with T-Mobile. Especially if living the life fantastic like Tim Tebow does in the ad spot is appealing to you.

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