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BerryPlus: Review


BerryPlus is a an eco-friendly laundry detergent, which is available as a concentrated liquid. The cleansing agent comes from the Sapindus mukorossi, which is a tree. The tree produces soapberries, which produce soap when combined with water and shaken. India and other parts of Asia have been using soapberries forever. Now, BerryPlus bring this eco-intelligent product to the world.

BerryPlus is a Jamie Gold product. Who is this Jamie Gold? Gold is an eco-entrepreneur, a founder and owner of Cleaner Innovations and a former attorney, employed on Bay Street in Toronto (Canada's Wall Street equivalent).

This outstanding product is all natural, sensitive-skin friendly, offers wholesome, safe and sustainable ingredients, is a natural fabric softener, works well in cold water and has no residual smell.

BerryPlus is also easier to tote around than an 18-pound laundry box. In fact, a single load requires 2 or 3 drops, dependent upon certain factors. When we tried this soap earlier today, we used 3 drops, as we had just purchased a top-loading washer. We also used OxyClean powder for extra stain power. We love it! What does clean actually smell like? Well, clean actually has no smell.

Don't believe us?

You have to try BerryPlus to find out. You will find a list of e-tailers here.

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