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Bernie Goldberg saying conservatives have no moral high ground is crap

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Liberals have enjoyed a “condemnation free fire zone” for ages, from Bill Maher sliming every conservative with the hateful slurs to Barack Obama referring to Sarah Palin as a pig with lipstick. Ted Nugent makes an off-color remark about Obama and they demand that conservatives burn him at the stake. This is no different than Democrats re-electing Barney Frank for twenty years after he is caught running a male prostitution ring out of his house and Republicans canning Larry Craig after he taps his foot under a bathroom stall. Bernie thinks conservatives must be pure as the driven snow while liberals slander and slime to their heart’s content.

Bernie Goldberg calls for conservatives to condemn Nugent

Goldberg jumps overboard with his demand that gubernatorial candidate, Greg Abbott, should denounce Nugent with whom he has been campaigning. Liberals and moderates are always swift to condemn and execute conservatives who are not perfect angels. The bottom line is that conservatives are sick unto death of being the punching bag of liberals and moderates who are running America into the sewer of socialism and high tax corruption.

When push comes to shove in the war between good and evil, there comes a time when you must fight fire with fire. In order for there to be truth and justice in the public eye it must be applied with equality on both sides. A right-wing person says something off-color and they call for his execution, but when their own speaks vile slanders they cheer him.

So long as the Left is permitted to burn down conservative’s homes at will, then the Right has the right to set fire to their properties as well. Quite unlike liberals who laud their hate-mongers vulgarities, no one on the right is elevating Nugent, but neither will we condemn him. Nugent has a right to say whatever he wants, just like Obama and Maher. If liberals don’t like it they can suck on a lemon.