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Bernice King is in a legal battle with brothers to keep father's personal items

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According to ABC on Feb. 4, Martin Luther King Jr.'s children are in a legal battle over their father's Nobel Peace Prize and his personal Bible.

A complaint was filed against Bernice King, 50, last week in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta by her father's estate that is controlled by her two brothers, Martin Luther King III, 56, and Dexter King, 53.

While the brothers want to sell their father's Nobel Peace Prize and personal Bible, Bernice King said in a statement Tuesday that she doesn't want the two items sold.

King's heirs agreed in 1995 to sign over their rights to many items they inherited from their father to the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Inc. Even though Bernice King has repeatedly acknowledged the validity of that agreement, she still has refused to turn over her father's Nobel Peace Prize medal and his personal traveling Bible. That was the same Bible President Barack Obama used when he was sworn in for his second term on the Martin Luther King holiday last year.

Since Bernice King refuses to relinquish the items on her own, the estate is asking that a judge force her to give up the items and to pay the estate's legal fees for this battle.

Bernice King said in her statement that their father "MUST be turning in his grave" at the idea of selling his Nobel Peace Prize medal and Bible because they were among his most prized possessions.

She further stated:

"While I love my brothers dearly, this latest decision by them is extremely troubling. Not only am I appalled and utterly ashamed, I am frankly disappointed that they would even entertain the thought of selling these precious items. It reveals a desperation beyond comprehension."

This is not the first time the siblings have been in legal battles over their father's estate, but this one seems to be the most emotional because it involves two of their father's prized possessions.

Do you think Bernice King should honor the 1995 agreement and allow the two items to be included in the estate to be sold, or do you think the personal items should not be relinquished despite the agreement?