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Bernese Mountain dog escapes from Oklahoma shelter and travels 5 miles home

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A three-year-old Bernese Mountain dog had recedently been surrendered to the Norman Animal Welfare Center, but didn't adjust well to being kept indoors in a kennel. The staff, noting that Dirt, as his previous family called him, was calmer and happier in an outside venue, was allowed to lounge in an outdoor exercise area during the day.

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Last Friday, the clever canine figured out how to open two gates, and completely eluded the staff as they tried to encourage Dirt back to the shelter. The feisty pooch had other plans. Three days later, Dirt showed up at his previous home - five miles away.

Luckily Dirt was not injured as volunteers are convinced the dog followed a busy road back to his home.

It didn't matter that Dirt really wanted to go home; his previous owners showed no compassion for the dog's plight or his apparent loyalty and again brought him back to the shelter.

As his story caught attention by, offers to adopt Dirt came flowing in. On Saturday, news on the Facebook page of the Friends of the Animals of Norman announced Dirk, as volunteers prefer to call the gorgeous canine, was adopted and will be living in the southern section of Oklahoma.

"Dirk was adopted today! He was pooped after his long trip to southern Oklahoma but rest assured he is nice and cozy now! He's settling in very nicely and his new Mom says he is awesome! He is now living on 300 acres west of Ardmore with a wonderful family that has two girls, 5 & 8 and they also raise paint horses! No doubt he will have a great life. Welcome home Dirk!"

As happy as Dirk's story is, however the tragic news of the shelter being overcrowded and the looming threat of euthanasia for those who have not been adopted is a depressing reality.

Five dogs who are in critical need of rescue are highlighted here. Please adopt one of these beautiful new friends and give them the gift of life. Please use the reference numbers provided when inquiring about the dogs.

The Norman Animal Welfare Center will be open on Monday. Please call (405)-292-9736.

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