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Bernard McGuirk: Satanic Temple members "should be shot"

Bernard McGuirk
Bernard McGuirk
Fox News

We heard a lot about a supposed war on Christianity last year, though what became evident almost every single time it was brought up is that the war is actually being fought by authoritarian fundamentalist Christians against all other types of non-believers, with Christianity only ever being censored by the government after the fundamentalists throw a screaming fit over another religion receiving equal representation.

On January 9th, 2014, the Religious Right's war on non-Christianity crossed a disturbing line.

While discussing the petition by the Satanic Temple to erect a monument across from Oklahoma's controversial Ten Commandments monument on Fox Business News' deceptively named Mensa Meeting, Bernard McGuirk suggested that the Satanic Temple should be murdered.

"They should be able to put the statue up," said McGuirk, "and then they should be shot right next to it, and then we take it down."

The Satanic Temple has already issued a press release condemning the remarks and calling on Fox Business Network to issue an apology: "Our client requests that the Fox News Network immediately issue The Satanic Temple an apology for broadcasting a call for the murder of its members, who simply desire to be treated equally with every other religion in this country. In addition, they would like to see a public reprimand of Bernard McGuirk."

A Fox Business News spokesperson is reported to have directed inquiries about the segment to WABC, where McGuirk is a regular. As of the publication of this article, WABC in turn has yet to respond.

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