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Bernadette's at the Beach Has a New Name!

The high Tech Way to Kill Lice!
The high Tech Way to Kill Lice!
Pam Skinner

After a very busy, wonderful first year, Bernadette's at the Beach is changing their name to Picky Pam at the Beach. "We have moved in a different direction, than the Bernadette's franchise" says salon owner Pam Skinner. The salon has received over 50 "5 star" reviews on YELP. "We are sooo proud of our YELP reviews, you have to work very hard for those!" reports Skinner. Poisons, like Rid or Nix do not kill nits. Nits/eggs don't have a respiratory or a nervous system (as adult lice do) you can't poison them, and you can't suffocate them. There are three ways to kill nits/eggs: freeze them (like putting brushes in a ziplock, in the freezer, dehydrate them, or you can use a nit comb and comb them off the scalp, so they can't 'incubate' and they will die.