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Berlucchi Franciacorta ’61 Brut, the Italian Sparkling Wine

The Berlucchi Franciacorta '61 Brut adds sparkle and fizz to any occasion.
The Berlucchi Franciacorta '61 Brut adds sparkle and fizz to any occasion.
Patricia Decker

What is Easter and Mother’s Day brunches without bubbly wine to celebrate? Try a new spin on an old classic, Berlucchi Franciacorta ’61 Brut, an Italian sparkling wine. Made in the classic sparkling wine method, or metodo classico in Italian, the wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle that creates the tiny bubbles that we all know and love. Berlucchi Franciacorta ’61 Brut is a delightful sparkler, delicious on its own or great with food.

The Berlucchi Franciacorta ’61 Brut DOCG, bottled exclusively for US wine lovers, is a nod to the wine’s beginnings. In 1961, Guido Berlucchi and his partners revolutionized Italian sparkling wines, and made their first classic bubbly, from grapes grown in vineyards in the ancient Franciacorta region of Lombardia. At the time, sparkling wines such as Prosecco were produced using the Charmat method, putting the wine in large, pressurized stainless steel tanks, where secondary fermentation happens on a large scale, and then bottling it. The tank method doesn’t yield the same small, long-lasting bubbles as the classic method, or the elegance and finesse of bottle fermentation. Berlucchi was the first Italian sparkling wine produced where the complexity evolves slowly in the bottle, infusing the wine with small bubbles and a yeasty character. This non-vintage cuvée is made from many base wines, which gives the Franciacorta Brut it’s distinctive character. Aged for over two years, this high quality sparkler fills your senses with an aromatic bouquet that lingers long after the last sip.

Berlucchi Franciacorta ’61 Brut is 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir. It’s fresh style yields crisp acidity, with rich body and fragrant aromas. When poured, it has a foamy mousse, a long-lasting bubble stream, and an elegant nose of fresh baked bread, apple, pear, and citrus. It’s an elegant wine, smooth and well balanced, with refined, rich flavors of apple, pear, apricot, and pineapple, and a hint of spice. The creamy texture finishes long, yielding sweet lime towards the end. This is an excellent sparkler, especially yummy by itself, but a perfect companion to most foods, such as eggs, pasta, and fish.

Brunch, dinner, or just an aperitif any time of day, pop the cork on the Berlucchi Franciacorta ’61 Brut, pour yourself a glass, and toast “la bella vita”! This wine is currently available from online wine stores such as, John and Pete’s Fine Wine and Spirits in West Hollywood, some Total Wine & More shops, and a few Whole Foods and Gelson’s Markets throughout California.