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Berlin’s Terri Nunn: 3 quick questions

3 quick questions . . .
With Berlin’s Terri Nunn

Berlin's Terri Nunn: 3 quick questions
Berlin's Terri Nunn: 3 quick questions
All Images Courtesy of Berlin unless otherwise indicated
Berlin’s "Animal"
Courtesy of Berlin

Terri Nunn is the lead singer for the American new wave band Berlin. The band was founded in L.A., California in 1978. The roster included: John Crawford (bass guitar), David Diamond (keyboards), Ric Olsen (guitar), Matt Reid (keyboards), Rod Learned (drums) and songstress Nunn.

Berlin scored some major mainstream hits in the 1980s. Their classic cuts include "The Metro", "Sex (I'm A...)", "No More Words" and "Take My Breath Away" from the 1986 motion picture Top Gun. The band has gone through major changes including death, disbandment and a reunion.

Here are the 3 quick questions asked of Nunn:

1. Tell us about when you first committed to a career in music and what was your first paid gig like when you officially became a paid pro?

Nunn: I committed to a career in music when I met John Crawford and the rest of the guys in Berlin in 1979: Ric Olsen, Dan Van Patten (May he rest in peace), Chris Velasco and Jo Julian. There was something different and real about them and the music that I instantly believed in. I don't remember our first paying gig (that takes awhile in a young band), but I remember my first show with Berlin was on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica in 1979 at a venue that's no longer there and I don't remember the name. I do remember I was so completely out of breath with nerves and excitement by the second song, I thought: ‘Holy sh*t, I have 10 more songs to sing, I don’t know if I'm going to make it!’”

2. How has being an attractive woman helped and/or hurt your career?

Nunn: Both. People generally haven't treated women with the same respect as men in the business, and that's been hard to deal with, though not impossible. Being a woman has helped because there aren't many women in the music business compared to men, so we always got more attention as a band. You need as much of a way to stand out as you can get.

3. What are you doing now--what's next?

Nunn: I'm playing all over the world, promoting Animal! Even though it's more work than I've done in years, I love it and I want to do it, because I love the music. You can check out where we are on Facebook/BerlinOfficialBand and our website:

So there you have it, boys and girls, 3 quick answers from Berlin’s very own Terri Nunn. Hopefully, you found these 3 quick questions entertaining and interesting.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that's the bottom line.

(NOTE: This summer fans can see Berlin in Flagstaff, Arizona, Louisville, Kentucky and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Berlin returns home to Orange County for a gig at the Pacific Amphitheater as part of the OC County Fair, on July 23rd. Check their website for details.)

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