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‘Bering Sea Gold’ woes all related to ’Money Money Money’ on Discovery

On tonight's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” the episode was titled “Money Money Money.” As Vern returns from his trip home to Homer, Tony and Kevin are questioning his leadership. With three dredges, Vern’s priority is not on the Wild Ranger.

Bering Sea Gold dredgers are looking for gold
Wikimedia Commons

Shawn Pomrenke is back on the Christine Rose with his new used backhoe. The hydraulics are amazing and Shawn can dig so much faster with the new bucket. Shawn goes to check the sluice to see if there is any gold showing through. The gold is very sparce and while they were replacing the excavator, someone found their honey hole.

Emily is in shock because her crew took off, questioning her leadership abilities. When she found Derrick, she asked him why he quit. He told her that he built her a bad ass boat for free. She questioned his term, and he asked if she paid him yet, and then stated it was free. As Emily tried to state her case, she apologized, and let him leave. Now she has a boat and no crew, as she tearfully drove away, she wonders what she did wrong.

Just outside the Nome city limits, Zeke has an old school bus that Steve used to live in. He and his girlfriend have converted it into a food truck called Au Gratin. Since the death of his childhood friend, John Bunce, Zeke has been in a downward spiral, and unable to return to dredging. So he and Sarah Dunn are going to feed the miners via their food bus. Zeke met Sarah in New Orleans and there were a perfect match since then. Now she is towing the bus with Zeke behind the wheel down to the port.

Shawn has found another spot and pulled some test buckets, and found more gold. Now if they find another 100 ounces, they will be debt-free. On the other side of the claim, the Au Grabber is digging. A new hire, Jason, has taken Meisterheim’s place and Hank teaches him how to douse. As the metal rods cross, Hank is on the gold.

On the Wild Ranger, Vern is on deck as Kevin is below. Vern is broke and has no leverage to bargain with claim owners, so they are on public grounds. Now Vern has to leave his dredge to check on another of his dredges as his crew is about ready to mutiny.

The new Au Gratin bus is a hit in Nome harbor, Sarah sold out of Jambalaya and even gave some away to the cops, just to make nice. As Zeke and Sarah talk, Steve Reidel and former resident of the bus comes to visit. Steve regards Zeke as sort of a nephew. Zeke then told Steve how he felt about Emily, and she was mad at Steve too. As Zeke relates that he does not need people in his life like them, Steve leaves. Steve then related to the camera that he can understand why Emily does not want to be around him, as he has drastically changed in the last eighteen months. Zeke is now going to treat those people like they have died.

On the Christine Rose, Cody can see the storm coming on the horizon. As the wind is starting to pick up, Shawn is heading for port, with the Au Grabber coming in right behind her.

As Vern’s crew cleans out the sluice, Vern is nowhere to be seen. Hank is hoping to score a large clean out to make his day worthwhile, but it is 13.8 ounces, a sad reward.

At Vern’s trailer, Tony and Kevin bring the gold to their captain. Seven ounces are all they got and the guys tell Vern they are ready to leave. He told them if they left, he would fold up his tent, as he faces financial ruin. They left anyway.

At the Pomrenke compound, the guys are there, and Steve’s wife is there too. Now for the tally, and it is 112.5, and brings them into the black for the first time in six years.

When Emily was sitting at the Breakers Bar in Nome, she met up with one of Vern’s mutineers who now belongs to her crew on this episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

The current tally in gold is:

  • Christine Rose has 564.5 ounces for $733,850.
  • Au Grabber 33.1 ounces for $43,030.
  • The Eroica 22.36 ounces for $29,068.
  • Wild Ranger 20.25 ounces for $26,330.
  • The Minnow 4.25 ounces for $5,525.

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