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‘Bering Sea Gold’ questions ‘Who’s the Captain?!’ on Discovery

On last night's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” the episode was titled “Who’s the Captain?!”

As the episode begins, the dredgers are facing the halfway point of the season, and nobody has even half of their goal. The Bering Sea has seen so many equipment breakdowns, but the clock continues to tick, making the season look bleak. So much money is invested by the fleet, in hopes of making a fortune, but so far, just covering expenses seems to be out of reach.

At the Christine Rose headquarters, the Pomrenkes are in dire straits and Steve and his wife Christine are getting sick of being $200,000 behind. It seems to them, all the blame points to Steve’s son Shawn. Shawn was supposed to bail out the Christine Rose during ice season with his dredge the Shamrock, but it did not work out. This million-dollar operation has only collected 99 ounces of gold so far. Christine is the boss of the operation and from her vantage point, Shawn will never take over the operation, and Steve will never get to retire. As Shawn talked with his fellow crewmen, he explained his plight to them. Cody knows how much work it is to run the rig, but Christine sits behind a desk and does not work on deck. Shawn feels that for 38-years, he has not been able to talk with his father, which is the biggest cause of his problems. He has always felt that nothing he did was ever good enough to please Steve.

On the Au Grabber, Hank is making repairs to his rig, and Meisterheim is over two hours late and Hank knows that he was out drinking again last night. When he showed up at noon, Hank told him to find another job.

On the Eroica, Emily and Shem Fogelman arrived for the day shift, relieving diver Spenser. Today her least experienced diver is going down to handle the ten-inch nozzle. As he reports back to Emily, he is seeing gold. The big rocks are clogging the hose topside, requiring Emily’s constant attention. As Shem attempted to clear a big rock from the nozzle, his finger was smashed. He was in excruciating pain as he surfaced. As he tried to clear a large rock, another was sucked in, bashing his finger. Now Emily is taking him to the hospital and calls Spenser to come back out the man the ship while they are in the hospital.

On the Minnow, Steve Reidel and Brad Kelly are heading out to sea. After fixing the exhaust problems, the Minnow was heading out, but Steve’s paranoia came back again, and he headed to port. Brad had enough of this and will be getting his own dredge in the future. Steve is impossible to work with. At port, the Kelly boys are also fed up with Steve’s shenanigans. As Steve continues to declare his captaincy, he is ranting at his crew, who could easily beat the crap out of him.

On the Au Grabber, Hank is back on the water with Scott’s replacement, Angie Decker. As they start to pan, Hank’s lack of experience is becoming a failure. He repositioned the barge and made some test holes. The next test proved they have some gold. So dig they must.

On the Christine Rose, Cody and Jesse are on the gold and making progress. Back in town, Shawn is heading for a reckoning 38-years in the making. When Shawn tries to state his side, Steve gave him no leeway. Finally, after yelling over each other, and Steve admitting he and Christine talk about Shawn every day, he told his father that he would sell his half of the business, and Steve could do it alone. As the conversation calmed down, the men spoke to each other differently. Shawn is not perfect and never claimed to be, Steve admitted he was not perfect either, and his work has caused him a few divorces in his younger years too. When Shawn left earlier this season, he needed to see his kids. Steve admitted that Shawn was good at finding gold and hugged him and told him he loved him.

As Emily and Shem were leaving the hospital, Shem’s finger required three stitches, and he has to return in two weeks to have them removed. All he hopes for now, is it does not get infected, or he could lose the finger. When Emily called Spenser, he was just leaving port. Emily feels that her crew is not loyal to her.

As Scott Meisterheim is stood on shore, he counted twenty-two dredges out mining and is pissed that everyone is mining but him.

After four days of calm weather, the wind is turning towards the south, as Cody is manning the excavator, and those southerly winds turn the fleet back to the harbor. As father and son have called a truce, they watch from the shore and hear the weather forecaster state that the rest during the week will be bad. Steve seems like a different person since the confrontation and knows his son is not a terrible person.

The crew of the Erioca is ready for a clean out, but the skipper is nowhere to be found. So Emily’s crew brings the buckets to Steve and Shawn’s clean up shack. Emily arrived in time to see over ten ounces on the scale. Emily is uneasy because they are pleased at the amount, but she is not.

After a near mutiny, Steve Reidel has put the Minnow in dry dock and fixed the pontoons. Now before relaunch, Kris apologizes to Steve, as per his father’s request, but did not promise it would not happen again on this episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

The current tally in gold is:

  • Christine Rose has 77 ounces for $100,000.
  • The Eroica 22.36 ounces for $29,068.
  • Wild Ranger 7.7 ounces for $10,010.
  • Au Grabber 3.6 ounces for $4,680.
  • The Minnow 3.75 ounces for $4,225.

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