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‘Bering Sea Gold’ finds ‘Under the Ice: Motherlode’ on Discovery

Could Vern finally find his redemption on Bering Sea Gold Under the Ice?
Could Vern finally find his redemption on Bering Sea Gold Under the Ice?
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel used with permission

Tonight's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold” was titled "Under the Ice: Motherlode." Unlike the summer season, these episodes were made during the winter as the brave souls that challenge the Arctic ice and 25 degree seawater, do what they do best. However, danger can occur, if they lose their bearings and cannot locate the hole which they came down through, they can panic and drown.

As the intro starts and the dredges are introduced, The Reaper with the three Kelly guys, Vern Adkison is back on the Wild Ranger hoping for a comeback, Miss Nomer with Glen LeBaron and Zeke Tenhoff, Shawn’s dredge, the Shamrock is the dredge the Pomrenke crew is aboard, and Eroica with Emily Reidel and her crew; Daryl Valle, Tony Mann and Kevin Jupina. Emily paid off her dredge and has now gone into debt to buy top of the line ice mining gear, including an underwater dredge built by Rob Hehnlin, who used to work with Glen.

The Reaper is ready to hit the ice, after trying to work with Steve Reidel, they Kelly crew is on their own with the cheapest dredge on the ice. Father Brad and his two sons, Kris and Andy.

On the Miss Nomer, Zeke is checking on the collection of gold in the sluice, and it looks good. Zeke and Glen are not alone, as Glen’s girlfriend Jasmine has showed up. As Glen ended his five-hour shift, the hole has frozen up as he calls Jasmine for help. As he finally makes it to the dredge, he used Zeke’s relief hole; the one he was not too thrilled about, and it saved his life.

On the Wild Ranger, Vern’s daughter Elaine is back, as is Jason Walker, who has locked horns with Vern on more occasions than probably Scott Meisterheim. He was fired by Vern several times, but keeps coming back to this train wreck in hopes of a better outcome. On the Wild Ranger, they did a test pan to see how they were doing, and it was very promising and Jason was glad to be given the title of boss, so before going back down, he has a much earned cigarette.

On The Reaper, Kris is going down, with rag tag equipment, of which only about half really work. There is no communication between the diver and topside, but Andy knows if materials are coming through the sluice, Kris is still alive. After five hours, Kris is coming back up, but the tide his out, and it is dangerous. However, despite the warning, Andy goes down anyway.

On the Shamrock, Shawn is below as Cody is watching the controls, and Shawn is not happy with the gold or lack thereof. Shawn could lose his nickname Mr. Gold if he does not find a good spot.

Glen and Zeke weigh their first haul and have 14.95 ounces. The Kelly clan has found 9.94 ounces, and they already made more than all last season with Steve. Vernon is checking their take and found 32.6 ounces, he best cleanout yet.

The season tally is now:

  • Wild Ranger leads with 32.6 ounces for $42,380.
  • Miss Nomer has 14.95 ounces for $19,435.
  • The Reaper has 9.94 ounces for $12,922.
  • The Shamrock 0 ounces for $0.00
  • The Eroica is just getting started.

Hopefully, all teams will be on the board on the next episode of “Bering Sea Gold.” But this is a great start for the leaders.

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