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'Bering Sea Gold’ finds ‘Under the Ice: Gold Luck’ on Discovery

In the lead for now, The Wild Ranger, but for how long?
In the lead for now, The Wild Ranger, but for how long?
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel used with permission

Friday night's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold” was titled "Under the Ice: Gold Luck." Unlike the summer season, these episodes were made during the winter as the brave souls that challenge the Arctic ice and 25 degree seawater, do what they do best, but professional or not, it is a dangerous undertaking.

As the episode begins in frigid Nome, Alaska, Emily and her crew are getting ready to take the Dragon Slayer to start mining near the Miss Nomer. Emily went deep in debt to purchase state of the art equipment, including an insulated modular shelter. Many people are waiting for Emily to fail, but she is fearless and just wants her gold. Glen comes over to visit and is not happy to hear the name of her dredge. He tells her that she will not have enough suction with the pump she has.

In downtown Nome, Zeke meets with his lawyer, who advised him to plead guilty to his charges. Two of which are felonies, and hopefully, he will avoid jail.

On the Shamrock, they invert the lucky horseshoe, hoping to do better than yesterday’s empty sluice. Divers must rely on luck, because most of their work is luck, be it good or bad.

On The Reaper, Kris is down below for another five hours. The communication box is a piece of crap, and they cannot hear clearly, so if there is an emergency, Kris is out of luck. While father, Brad goes to get more fuel, Andy goes below and Kris mans the controls above. Suddenly, there was a large noise, and Kris yells to Andy to come up. The air compressor blew, and he has little time to surface. With communication at almost nil, Kris starts pulling on the hoses to bring his brother to the surface. Their father operates with the cheapest equipment he can find, without concern for the lives of his adult children.

On the Shamrock, Shawn has found color and lets Cody know, whose smile is an indication of the horseshoe’s change. On the Wild Ranger, Vern is happy that after three years, and losing a million dollars, that Jason Walker is his new crew chief. Jason and Spencer are at odds, because Jason needs help to get his gear on, Spencer continues to harbor bad feelings for Jason’s leadership.

In the courthouse in Nome, the hearing is commencing. The courthouse is empty, except for a few court officers, the judge, Zeke, his girlfriend and his lawyer. He is remorseful about his actions, and the judge gives him a year of probation and one year with absolutely no alcohol. So his incredible lawyer then takes he and his girlfriend to the local bar to celebrate.

Glen is busy dredging, when his girlfriend tells him that Zeke texted that he was free. They are not too concerned about Emily’s dredge, and the name she gave it. They have enough confidence that they will find more gold.

When Darryl went below, he found the spot Emily was looking for. The dilemma was as Glen predicted; the pump was not strong enough to suck the gold and gravel necessary to bring them through the three sluices. So now they must get a better pump. Emily did not get a manual with the Dragon Slayer, because one does not exist. All the equipment she purchased must be learned by doing.

As Jason prepares to take his second dive, Spencer is still pissed at him, but helps him with his gear anyway, but Jason wants credit for everything. Vern does not dive; he only supplied most of the money and equipment. However, Vern will not let anyone forget he lost a million dollars already and has a lot of catching up to do.

At the Kelly house, the brothers are checking their sluice, but the family is in bad shape. Brad, who is married to their mother, has met a waitress who has kids, and is now having Brad’s child. The family is torn apart by his actions. Now Brad is taking half of the profits from dredging, leaving the other half to his sons, Andy and Kris to help support their mother. Oh, there is plenty of hatred in the Kelly family. When Brad splits the money, he cheats his sons out of $340; no wonder they hate him. They do all the work; he gives them equipment that could kill them, and then he screws them. Hopefully, they will come to their senses and lose this worthless partner.

At the Pomrenke cleanup shack, Shawn is checking their take. Vern and Jason have a strong conversation, and now that there is finally success; Vern wants Jason to hone his people skills. Unfortunately, Jason has no people skills to hone.

The season tally is now:

  • Wild Ranger leads with 32.6 ounces for $42,380.
  • The Shamrock close behind with 30.95 ounces for $40,235.
  • Miss Nomer has 14.95 ounces for $19,435.
  • The Reaper has 13.29 ounces for $17,277.
  • The Eroica is having equipment trouble.

Hopefully, The Eroica will be on the board on the next episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

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