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‘Bering Sea Gold’ finds ’The Rescue & the Repo’ on Discovery Channel

On tonight's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” the episode was titled “The Rescue & the Repo.”

Bering Sea Gold dredgers are looking for gold
Wikimedia Commons

As the episode opens, it is 24 degrees in Nome, Alaska, and the mining fleet is scurrying to get the last of the gold before the river freezes. The Au Grabber is the first rig on the claim, and his 33 ounces of gold is lame to say the least. As the Christine Rose has been beaten to the honey hole, he plans to dig past the hard pan and find some real good gold. When he finally breaks through the rocky layer, he pans what he found to see if there is gold in there. The pan looks great, as the Christine Rose approaches, Hank gets to laugh, knowing he may have something that Shawn has not found.

Shawn finds this change, an opportunity, as the first test pan shows much potential. So Cody takes the helm to move the Christine Rose about fifty feet, and as he his lifting the spud, the cable starts shredding. As Shawn saw the cable before it snapped, he is now rigging a piece of chain to lift the spud, it worked. Besides being a miner, these bold souls must also be inventors/magicians who can fix or substitute anything to save their season.

Emily is out with her new crew. Kevin is finding lots of gold as Emily cheers him on. Steve is attempting to keep his dredge afloat, but he owes money on the dredge and is in danger of having it repossessed. The Kelly boys are not bad at what they do, but they have no faith in Steve as a captain. As Kris is down below, the hose keeps getting away from him as the boat goes in circles. Andy is not only his brother, but a prankster who taunts his brother as he tries to do his job. Kris comes aboard and finds that with Andy’s bad mood, there is no sense going back down. So they head for shore.

On the Miss Nomer, Glen and Jasmine are hunting for the Dragon, on a tip they received from a fisherman. Glen spotted the hose and hopes the Dragon is attached to it. He found his Dragon half-buried in the sand. As he used the suction hose from the prototype, he sucked the sand to free it from its underwater prison.

At Steve’s World, the Kelly boys have had enough of Steve and the Minnow. As Kris tells Steve his feelings, he can no longer feed himself, much less turn over his money to his mother. Steve feels that the Kelly boys let him down, but that is a conundrum.

As a summer storm rips through Nome, the Au Grabber is heading to port, as waves roll over the deck. Hank is pleased with their day, and hopes the clean out is productive. On the Christine Rose, the swells are rocking the dredge, the American Flag is straight as an arrow; so they head to port too, as Shawn knows all the signs of when to retreat.

Emily calls down to Kevin, to tell him how rocky it is above, but he is happy down below and the current is no problem as he is rocking the gold. Reluctantly, Kevin comes up, as Emily knows that lives are at stake.

In town, the repo man is here to collect, and Steve’s dredge is what he wants. By not making payments for months, Steve has no right to the dredge. As they attempt to take his trailer, Steve calls 911. When the policeman arrives, Steve finally gives up and lets them take the dredge and trailer. Steve claims the Minnow was stolen from him, and the police helped.

Emily gave viewers a glimpse into life in Nome, as the only Laundromat there is in a skuzzy bar. For $8.75 a load to wash them, it is worth the price when the smell of the clothes is unbearable.

As Steve Reidel is licking his wounds, Shawn Pomrenke is celebrating another great day with another 51.65 ounces.

In the harbor, Hank is celebrating 48.5 ounces, his largest haul so far.

Emily and her guys are excited to find more gold, as they count it up, it weighs 24.1 ounces, and she has accumulated 70 ounces so far.

When the Pomrenkes visit Hank, they congratulate him for his big score. So Hank proposes a competition for an ounce of gold, and Shawn believes he can kick Hank’s ass and accepts the challenge on this episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

The current tally in gold is:

  • Christine Rose has 701.9 ounces for $912,470.
  • Au Grabber 81.9 ounces for $106,470.
  • The Eroica 71.36 ounces for $92,768.
  • Wild Ranger 20.25 ounces for $26,330.
  • Miss Nomer 11.9 ounces for $15,470.
  • The Minnow 9.02 ounces for $11,726.

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