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‘Bering Sea Gold’ finds ’10 Pounds of Gold’ on Discovery

On tonight's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” the episode was titled “10 Pounds of Gold.”

Nome, Alaska home of Bering Sea Gold
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As the episode begins, the miners have high hopes for the rest of the season, for most, the rest of the season depends on it. At the Pomrenke shack, they just cleaned out almost 73-ounces for a total of $95,000, but Steve is not happy, as usual.

At the docks, Scott Meisterheim is sucking up his pride and on his way to talk to Hank. He begs for his job back, and promises to show up for work on time. Hank agrees, but doubts that Scott will ever get his life in order.

Shawn and Cody are off to their shift on the Christine Rose. Shawn tells Cody how nothing ever satisfies his father. As they relieve the other crew, they see lots of gold in the screen and continue to dig up more.

ON the Wild Ranger, Vern is desperate to find more than the seven ounces they have so far. Diver Kevin Jupina is hoping to find gold to support his family as he takes the first dive of the day, and he sees some color in the cobble. Suddenly, the engine that pumps air to Kevin conks out. One single wire shorted-out the engine. Back to port to replace the wire.

Glen LeBaron is working for Steve Reidel now, since his dredge was lost at sea. Glen knows it will be difficult for him to go from a captain position to a dredger, especially working for Steve. However, today, Kris will be going out with Glen. Kris has no respect for Glen because he feels that he is the best dredger ever. As Kris starts to suit up, he finds that he does not have a weight belt. With no dive for him, he does not get to share the money.

On the Christine Rose, Shawn is prospecting as he watches the GPS tell him where he has been. When he pulls up the first shovel, he comes out of the cab to check it out. Gold is abundant in the pan, and Cody is a happy deckhand.

Hank is not too far from Shawn, Hank and the Au Grabber is hoping his day is a profitable one. Without a skiff, they must go to shore to pick up the night crew with the help of the shovel. Scott did not tie off the anchor line, because he said his shift was over. Now the buoy is destroyed, and Scott has no remorse.

At the Wild Ranger clean out, they are hoping to find some gold before the engine conked out. Kevin feels that they should not have done a clean out, but fixed the engine and kept dredging. He was right, as 1.67 ounces worth $2,080 are a sad amount.

At the Pomrenke shack, they had twelve buckets to clean out. As Steve arrives, he sees the final tally of 152.3 ounces and hugs the crew. This haul is worth nearly $200,000 for their biggest clean out of the season.

On the Au Grabber, Hank has been digging for 36 hours. Scott is licking his wounds and feeling sorry for himself. Hank still has him on the dredge though.

Glen LeBaron pans the gold he found as Steve watches. Since he lost his dredge, he must make more money to get another one on this episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

The current tally in gold is:

  • Christine Rose has 302 ounces for $392,600.
  • The Eroica 22.36 ounces for $29,068.
  • Wild Ranger 9.37 ounces for $12,181.
  • The Minnow 4.25 ounces for $5,525.
  • Au Grabber 3.6 ounces for $4,680.

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