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‘Bering Sea Gold’ experience ’Backhoe Wars’ on Discovery

On tonight's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” the episode was titled “Backhoe Wars,” and with only two dredges with backhoes, it must be the war of the Christine Rose versus the Au Grabber.

As the episode begins, the impending weather does not look promising. Shawn will keep digging until he cannot. Vern is completely disappointed in his half-way through the season results, and miners are finding ways to avoid going bust. Emily will be heading to the Kougarok River with Glen LeBaron and her father Steve to dredge the river and hope for the best.

Seven miles west, the Christine Rose is dredging, although the divers are on shore, this rig can stand the low visibility. The Au Grabber is also out trying to make up for lost time. So far, the Christine Rose has done 100 times what the Au Grabber has done.

At Steve’s World, Emily and Glen are having a problem getting Steve to get in the truck. Steve wants help cutting Visqueen, a polyethylene plastic sheeting they will use as a kitchen roof in the wilderness. Emily managed to set Steve off, and now he is about to abandon the operation as he rants and raves at Emily for being insubordinate. She is hurt and decided to leave with Glen, and stated that he gave up the right to be her father when he stopped paying child support when she was twelve.

Vern and his wife are going over the bills. He has a fleet of dredges, but has not been able to pay the bills. He knows there is a fortune to be made, but tries to tell her that the ones who made money are those who stuck around through adversity. This is the third season, and he has not made enough to keep the operation going.

The Christine Rose is hoping to make enough to get a new backhoe, as Shawn watches the Au Grabber digging where he has dug before, called tailings. Now Shawn calls the rig the Ass Grabber as Cody and Shawn laugh with glee.

Scott Meisterheim, no authority on people, calls his captain a hack. His track record is nothing to be bragging about.

On the Minnow, Steve and Kris are out alone. Without any sophisticated equipment, they poke the bottom with a large stick to see if they are on cobble or sand. So far, it has been hit and miss on this rig. Kris is diving, and has just enough visibility to see some gold. He even came up with a picker for Steve to see. Steve is happy as Kris calls for help with his air, but Steve is busy playing on his phone to pay attention to his calls for help. Kris came up to reprimand Steve and told him to take off his headphones and pay attention to the gauges and his communication with his diver. In a panic to surface, Kris lost the $1,200 diving mask, the only one they had onboard. Now Steve is going down without air to free dive to retrieve the mask. Steve got it, and Kris didn’t die.

Emily and Glen are at the river. Glen is diving, and Emily is hoping to have him on her dredge. While on the Eroica; the guys are dredging without her. They are not happy with their captain. They are questioning her skills and captaining ability.

The next day, a summer storm comes through and Shawn and Cody are raciing to the Christine Rose to answer an SOS call from the night crew. When they arrive at the dredge, it is facing the open sea. Shawn does his best to turn it around, using the ancient backhoe. The waves are fierce and trying to sink the barge. Now it is a tough fight on Shawn’s hands, but the Au Grabber is still working. Hank believes his creation is best, because he can steer and has a better motor. Meisterheim is as angry as the sea, and knows that they should be heading to port, but Hank thinks he knows better. Three hours after the Christine Rose headed for shore; he heads for port.

Glen and Emily received $150 of gold for their efforts, but her crew is abandoning The Eroica.

On the Au Grabber, as they are doing the clean up, Scott is annoyed at Hank for running the water too hard and possibly washing away some of the gold. So the arguing and swearing begins and finally, Scott is banished from the Au Grabber by Hank.

On the Christine Rose, they just found enough gold for a new backhoe, and smiles abound by both father and son. As the new backhoe arrives, it is being fitted to work on the dredge. The old one had 18,000 hours under its belt, and now it is time for its retirement on this episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

The current tally in gold is:

  • Christine Rose has 452 ounces for $587,600.
  • The Eroica 22.36 ounces for $29,068.
  • Au Grabber 19.6 ounces for $25,480.
  • Wild Ranger 13.17 ounces for $17,121.
  • The Minnow 4.25 ounces for $5,525.

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