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‘Bering Sea Gold’ discovers ’The Final Showdown’ on Discovery Channel

On tonight's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” the episode was titled “The Final Showdown.”

Bering Sea Gold
Wikimedia Commons

As the episode begins the summer is leaving and the winter is upon the dredgers as the thermometer registers 23 degrees. With the harbor freezing over, the miners are on a minute-to-minute basis, as everyone scrambles for the last piece of gold they can get. The Christine Rose accepted the Au Grabber challenge as the two barges are off to prove themselves before they too are shut down. The reward is an ounce of gold from the one who finds the least gold. Shawn feels that it will be an easy challenge. On the Au Grabber, the test pan shows nothing, so they move a bit to try other grounds.

On the Eroica, Emily’s crew is busy clearing the ice from the pump, and finally accomplishes the task, as Tony Mann dives into the 39 degree water.

After discovering his Dragon at the bottom of the sea, Glen LeBaron is ready to go for its first run of the season and summoned Zeke back to mining after six months. Glen made the 911 call when John Bunch committed suicide and has been there for Zeke. Zeke was there to believe in Glen and now Glen is there for Zeke again.

A new dredge, more of a chop-shop special is on the sea. The name is the Reaper, with Kris and Andy Kelly at the helm. After making a disappointing $5,000 with Steve Reidel, they need to redeem themselves. As Steve spots them on the dredge, he flashes them his permanent vertical smile as he drops his drawers. Not one to be outdone, Kris flashes him the same greeting.

As Hank checks the pan, they are on the gold, and his confidence is boosted. For coming too close to the Pomrenke honey hold, the Au Grabber is sent a few potatoes, from Shawn’s homemade potato gun. Hank got the message and found other grounds.

As Tony is below, the looming winter storm is starting to stir up the ocean floor. If they have another great day, Emily could own the Erioca outright. Tony believes he found the honey hole of the year, as he has pickers, but the visibility is going to zero, so Emily orders him to come up. Her crew is determined to find more gold, and take the risk as the next diver goes down.

As Hank is pulling up gold, a hydraulic hose blows and stops his operation cold. Hank’s loss is Shawn’s gain, as the Au Grabber has to go to port, but he cannot pick up his spud, and asks Shawn for help. Without Shawn’s help, Hank could truly be dead in the water.

Seven miles down the coast, the Reaper is on the gold, as Andy is below. However, the sea is getting rocky and Andy is being pulled backwards as the swells increase and drag him across the ocean floor. Kris is unable to steady the boat, but they desperately need more gold.

As the season-ending ice storm is gaining strength, Shawn knows that the ride him is too long, so he decides to head to port as the skies turn to black.

As all boats head to shore, the last ones on the sea are Glen LeBaron and Zeke Tenhoff, who has been below for eight hours. Glen has sent hot water to his wetsuit to keep Zeke warm, but above, Glen is bundled up. Zeke is happy diving once again, as his hot water runs out, and the sea becomes too rough, he finally comes above to head to shore. Zeke wants to take off his wetsuit because the water got too cold, but Glen needs him to help untangle the Dragon and the gold as he fights hypothermia. As he secures the Dragon, he finally comes aboard as his body is fighting the chill.

As the storm came and left an icy harbor behind, the dredgers are cleaning out their sluices. As Glen and Zeke arrive to sell their gold, they found 5.45 ounces worth $6,500. Zeke is happy with his take and knows that Glen saved his life and expects to work with him for years to come.

The Kelly boys found two ounces worth $2,600 for four hours of work and a glimmer of hope for the future, as they plan to return in the winter.

To keep the contest honest, the Pomrenkes and the crew of the Au Grabber do their clean out together. The Pomrenke take is 78.5 ounces worth $102,000. Hank’s take was 89.10 for a resounding win and an extra ounce of gold.

On the shore, Vern Adkison is admitting defeat. He invested over a million dollars on his fleet and received little in return but bills and more bills.

On the beach, a lone beach miner is scraping for every penny, his name Scott Meisterheim, who hopes to find enough for a plane ticket home.

At Steve’s World, with his dredge repossessed, his crew long gone, Steve will not admit defeat.

In the Eroica cleanup shack, Emily needs 30 ounces to own her dredge outright, and they bring in 33.10 ounces and more success gold mining this season, than all previous years put together, and a brighter future, on this episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

The final tally in gold is:

  • Christine Rose has 850.2 ounces for $1,105,000.
  • Au Grabber 170.9 ounces for $222,170.
  • The Eroica 109.4 ounces for $142,220.
  • Wild Ranger 20.25 ounces for $26,330.
  • Miss Nomer 16.9 ounces for $22,100.
  • The Minnow 9.02 ounces for $11,726.
  • The Reaper 2 ounces for $2,600.

As the miners reflect on their accomplishments and failures of the past season, Shawn gets a pat on the back from his father, Steve. Emily is more confident in his abilities, that many doubted, as her boat belongs to her now. Vern took his dredge out of the water, but if he returns, it is doubtful. Zeke had a ray of hope by dredging with Glen, but when he returned to his shack, the picture of John Bunce was there to remind him of all that has happened.

As the warning is posted on the screen on each episode: Offshore dredging for gold is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. It is expensive and dangerous. Most people who try, fail. Some have died. You do not want to dredge without extensive knowledge and training.

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