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‘Bering Sea Gold’ announces ‘Let the Games Begin’ on Discovery

On last night's Discovery Channel episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” the episode is titled “Let the Games Begin.” The Christine Rose and Wild Ranger; are the only two old dredges returning this season, are Eroica, which was The Edge, purchased from Zeke by Emily, refurbished and renamed for an Italian operatic character, called the hero. Minnow is headed by her father, Steve Reidel with his crew of misfits. Au Grabber, another excavator-powered rig, similar to the Christine Rose, is hoping to give the Pomrenke crew some competition.

Zeke cannot get over the death of John Bunce

As the episode begins, Steve Pomrenke announces that lots of people are coming to Nome with gold fever, but no common sense. As the docks are packed with amateurs and professionals, it is a traffic jam in the port. When Emily started dredging, there were about five boats in the water; now there are about sixty. Vern knows that some of them are just put together with duct tape and baling wire. As the Coast Guard comes to investigate the influx of boats, they have to keep track of the goofballs who think gold dredging is a breeze.

As the Coast Guard gives the Au Grabber a top to bottom inspection, all seems well until there is a diesel fuel leak on the deck that starts spilling into the harbor. Hank forgot to shut off the fuel valve, and Scott Meisterheim noticed it and closed the valve. For once, he is not at fault, but for now, the Au Grabber is grounded.

In the harbor, Shawn Pomrenke is busy at work heading to his honey hole. As he pulls the first shovel, he sees gold in the pan. He is looking for the mother lode as Jesse pans the test loads. As they look hopeful, they start digging.

The Wild Ranger is out on the sea as Vern sees the Coast Guard sending unsafe dredges back to port. Vern does not need the feds on his back; he is deep in debt and knows mining is not like working; but more like going to Vegas. However, his greenhorn diver, Tony Mann has found gold, and Vern has high hopes for him. This time, Tony found nothing. After burning a half of a tank of gas, they stopped for the day.

Emily was in town making a payment to Zeke, not enough to shut him up, but it was something. She was rattled when he threatened to burn her house down with her in it. Zeke is still dealing with the death of John Bunce, although he cannot find sadness; his life is spiraling out of control.

The Au Grabber was cleared by the Coast Guard and now heads out to sea, to the Tom-Cot claim, right where the Christine Rose is digging. As Shawn sees the Au Grabber nearing, he knows it is the wild west all over again.

The first thing Hank feels is bedrock, not a good sign, next, he hits a sand bar. But patience will pay, and Hank has none as he moves closer to the Christine Rose. Shawn knows that they already dug where Hank is digging so revenge is semi-sweet.

On The Eroica, Emily is thrilled to be on her own dredge, but the Coast Guard is here to inspect. Right now, they do not have enough safety equipment and must shut down. However, she lets her crew continue dredging, and hops on the boat to head to port to retrieve the proper equipment.

Vern is still prospecting for another place to dredge, as his crew looks for cobble, they finally see a promising area. With divers ready, the propeller on the boat will not go in reverse, so Vern concerns himself with that instead of mining.

Emily has been gone about two hours, as her crew continues mining as per her orders. The Coast Guard returns and she is still not back and does not answer her phone. She returns just in the nick of time with the fire extinguisher, and receives her gold copy from them and can continue her operation.

As Vern attempts to pay for his fuel, his American Express card is not accepted in town. Now he is broke and near hopeless.

As the Pomrenkes clean out their gold for the day, it is 56.30 ounces, and they live to see another day. But for Vern, $1,600 worth is not enough to continue for much longer, and it is starting to unravel.

When Steve Pomrenke took his gold to town, the man purified it on the spot, and melted it down to a block of gold that was almost 90% pure. Now they can pay more bills and are starting to see daylight on this episode of “Bering Sea Gold.”

The current tally in gold is:

  • Christine Rose has 77 ounces for $100,000.
  • The Eroica 12.36 ounces for $16,068.
  • Wild Ranger 7.7 ounces for $10,010.
  • Au Grabber 3.6 ounces for $4,680.
  • The Minnow .75 ounces for $975.

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