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Bergen County has several great high school point guards

There are many great point guards in Bergen County, but a few have stood out more in the last few weeks.

Julie Rovito (Ridgefield Park) has a very high basketball IQ. She is one of the few point guards in Bergen County who can play outside of an offense. She knows how to attack the elbows, short corners, and paint, in order to draw the defense and get teammates open for shots. If the defense does not collapse on her, she has a variety of finishes she can use to score. She is very strong and plays good on the ball and help defense. When thinking of a player who works hard to set up her teammates for shots and then looks to rebound if the shot is missed, Rovito immediately comes to mind.

Madison Dunbar (Northern Highlands) is known for her long-range three point shots and fantastic speed. She is also good at reading the defense and finding open teammates. There have been many point guards who had difficulty throwing the ball into the post over a bigger defender, but not Dunbar. Dunbar knows how to get in a position to feed another player regardless of who is on her.

Izzy McMahon (Saddle River Day) is extremely athletic. She is lightning fast and in basketball, speed often wins. She not only can move quick during fast breaks and while on defense, but she is also quick in a half-court offense. She can create at least four feet of space off step backs. She is great at pump faking in the air for finishes around taller players. Her three-point shooting range is incomparable to any other Bergen County guard. When other teams try to give her extra pressure she can find the open man quickly and get the ball there.

Rebecca Rabeiro (Midland Park) is another elite athlete. Her strong hands, speed, and leaping ability makes her one of the best defenders in Bergen County. Some players contribute so much on offense that they look to rest on defense by picking up a weak player. Not Rebecca Rabeiro; she seeks out the other team's best player and hounds that player on defense. She always leads her team in tips and steals. She has a strong three-point shot and attacks the basket. Her eyes are always up and can hit players who are cutting.

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