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Bergdahl-gate: An opportunity for Vice President Joe Biden?

Vice President Joe Biden could step up for America and against the Obama Regime
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Now is an opportunity where Joe Biden can stand up for his own personal ambitions and do so acting in best interests of the country at the same time. The fact that Barack Obama, as president, released the Taliban Five in favor of the likely traitor son and Taliban collaborator of a son of Robert Bergdahl, who he had at the White House yesterday, shows that this president himself sympathizes with our enemies in the global war on Islamo-fascist terrorism, and as such engaged in an act of treason that should result in his removal from office. Joe Biden could be a hero right now and stand up and speak out against this president and demand his resignation, and demand it for the good of the country.

Joe Biden, elected to the Senate in 1972, first sought the Democrat nomination for president in 1988, the year the Democrats nominated liberal Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis to lose to Republican nominee George H.W. Bush. 20 years later, Joe Biden, as a more senior and experienced senator, ran for the Democrat nomination in 2008, before losing to and then being chosen for the vice president spot by Barack Obama.

Joe Biden could give a nationally televised speech, from the office of the Vice President, and declare that since this president is acting in the interests of those who are against our country, that is he no longer upholding the Constitution and our national security, and therefore the president should resign his office. Biden can call for the president to resign, and at the same time ask Congress to see avenues of impeachment if the president refuses to resign.

Joe Biden would be right to make this call, and he would gain a lot of respect and support form the American people if he stood up against this Regime, and against this president, in the interests of the country. If Joe Biden could put the interests of the country above any loyalty to this president, he might not only gain great respect from the people of the country, he might also get his chance to be president. As president he could start to fix the damage done by this treasonous Obama Regime.

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