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Benzino speaks out from hospital after being shot at mother's funeral

Benzino says he is "embarassed" about shooting at his mother's funeral.
Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

"Love & Hip Hop" star Benzino is speaking out now after the shooting on the way to his mother's funeral that put him in the hospital. On March 31, MTV reported that Benzino is "embarrassed" by what went down between family members.

It all went down in Duxbury, Mass. on during the funeral procession for Benzino's late mother. Benzino and his 36-year old nephew Gai Scott were said to have a longstanding beef that went overboard. While travelling in the funeral procession, Scott pulled up next to Benzino's car and fired several shots.

Originally thought to have been shot three times, Benzino cleared that up. He was actually shot twice. One bullet grazed his back and another went into his arm. Benzino was able to get out of the vehicle and flag down help.

Benzino was transported to an area hospital while the rest of the Scott family carried on with the funeral plans. Gai Scott was immediately arrested.

In a hospital interview, Benzino was careful in what he had to say about the shooting and pending investigation. He did share that he was upset by what went down. "I'm more embarrassed than anything else to be honest with you, because me being a public figure and having people see that me and my family are going through that. I didn't appreciate that"

It seems that any beef between Benzino and Gai Scott truly could have waited. Due to his hospitalization, Benzino missed the funeral of his own mother. Talk about having no respect for the dead.

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