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Benzino shot by nephew: New photo shows that rapper is okay

Benzino, star of Love & Hip Hop, was shot by his nephew on Saturday night.
Benzino, star of Love & Hip Hop, was shot by his nephew on Saturday night.
Stevie J Instagram

Benzino had a rough Saturday. The rapper and reality television star was shot while attending his mother's funeral on Saturday night. He is currently known for his role "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." On March 29, TMZ reported that Benzino was shot during the funeral procession. Benzino was taken to the hospital, and he was treated for non-fatal injuries.

One co-star of Benzino, Stevie J, made sure to let their fans know the man was okay. He shared a new photo of the rapper on Instagram on Saturday night. TMZ revealed that the rapper was shot during a fight that started between family members during the procession.

Benzino's nephew has now been arrested for the shooting. Gai Scott has been charged with assault with intent to murder. Benzino's car was next to Gai's during the procession, and the nephew fired.

Raymond Scott is Benzino's given name. He previously owned "The Source" magazine, and he now owns "Hip Hop Weekly." His focus is on the VH-1 reality "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" though. The series chronicles his love life.

There is no word on when Benzino will be released from the hospital. The photos shared on Instagram show the man with his bicep bandaged. This is where he was shot. What do you think of this shocking event now making news today?