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Benzino shooter Gai Scott pleads not guilty, claims self defense

In a shocking turn of events, 36-year old Gai Scott, Benzino's nephew and the man who shot him, has pled innocent in that shooting and is claiming he shot in self defense. On March 31, Bossip reported on the incident, nothing that Gai Scott has been charged with armed assault with intent to murder.

Benzino shooter Gai Scott pleads not guilty.
Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

The incident occurred during the funeral procession on the way to the funeral of Benzino's mother, Mary Scott. According to the Boston Globe, Benzino would not name the person who shot at him but did that seven or eight shots were fired into the vehicle he was riding in. Benzino was shot twice, once grazed in the back and the other was a shot in the arm.

Benzino was released from the hospital on Monday around 11 a.m. after an overnight stay. He is expected to make a full recover.

In response to the self defense claims that Gai Scott is making, Benzino's attorney, Martin K. Leppo, had a few words to say. “Six shots into Ray Scott’s car, and he chased him on the highway. That doesn’t sound like self-defense to me," said Leppo. If that is truly what happened, that probably won't sound like self defense to a jury either.

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