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Bent Knee's new album is coming!

Album Cover
Album Cover
Bent Knee Music

Warning: 'Shiny Eyed Babies' the second album by Bent Knee of Boston, MA, set to be released November 11th 2014, may lead you to close your bedroom door, fall into a trance-like state and have the following vision:

The unsuspecting conjurer uses her crystal voice to call to her side an orchestral art rock band of contemporary misfits and they set off to defeat the heartless marauding robots trying to take over post-apocalyptic suburbia. The band uses ample wattage and special frequencies that build to irresistible crescendos, in an attempt to call out the kindness in the robots. Yet the robots press on until it seems that all is lost. When the steady pounding drums call all of the band members to order, out of the lawless surreality comes a noticeable shift into throbbing coherence. As the song “Battle Creek” begins to play the robots break down and sob while the children run out of their houses with balloons in their hands. Soft warm little hands take the cold metal hands of the robots. They pull them to their feet and together they perform a headbanging waltz that signals the band of their victory! It is a hauntingly dark victory yet there is so much love in its angst.

All sci-fi aside, this album could be the soundtrack for a rock opera, and on a related note I have heard that the band performs silent film scores. From the beginning the listener is swept along on a well orchestrated journey that dips between sweetly moody and mesmerizing ballads, and soars to screaming heights with 'Faith No More'-like guitar licks, operatic vocals and driving violin, all carried steadily along by relentless drum hits and what seems like deeper than average bass. Due credit must be given to the live and on-stage engineer and the production team. A significant amount of knob tweaking must have gone into creating the aptly chosen effects and in achieving such clarity within such multilayered, spacious and furious compositions.

November seems a long time to wait but if you like Radiohead, Sigor Ros, Bjork, Tool, if you really like art, then you will not be disappointed.

You can watch the video for “In God We Trust” here: and begin smashing your fist through the air and jumping around in a solo mosh-pit right now, just to prepare.

Check out their website too,

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