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Benson Henderson teams up with PHIT America to promote fitness initiatives

Benson Henderson will appear at National Health Through Fitness Day 2014
Benson Henderson will appear at National Health Through Fitness Day 2014

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson is ready to make another run at a world tittle. While waiting for an opportunity to compete in the Octagon, Henderson will use his time to raise awareness for PHIT America, a non-profit education and advocacy organization designed to combat the nation’s inactivity and obesity crisis.

Benson is visiting Washington D.C. March 4-5 to participate in the 14th annual “National Health Through Fitness Day” on Capitol Hill, where he will support two pieces of legislation crucial to increasing the number of healthy Americans.

The first is the Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT). When passed it will allow people to use pre-tax medical accounts for physical activity expenses. The second is the Physical Education Program (PEP), a 12-year Federal grant from the Department of Education for schools to rebuild health and fitness programs.

“Our health care system, let’s be honest it’s not health care it’s sick care,” said Henderson in an interview with, “Fitness is the primary way to prevent yourself from getting sick.”

Henderson believes that fitness can not only improve your health but your happiness and can save you money in the long-run. According to PHIT America, being overweight and obese can hurt one’s psychological well being such as: poor body image, self consciousness and low self esteem.

Some might say it is easy for someone like an elite athlete like Henderson to speak about fitness, since it is a key component to his job as a mixed martial artist. However, staying active can be as simple as playing basketball in the driveway or taking a walk with friends. The important thing according to Henderson is to simply have fun.

National Health Through Fitness day is a great day to raise awareness and help kids and adults lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Share your fitness ideas with PHIT America on twitter @PHITAmerica

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