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Benson Henderson didn't let wedding get in the way of training for Josh Thomson

According to a Jan. 22 report from Yahoo! Sports, former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson (19-3) says his recent wedding didn't distract him from training for his UFC on FOX 10 fight against Josh Thomson.

Henderson, 30, spent countless hours preparing for his Jan. 1 wedding date, but he says he had plenty of time to prepare for Thomson as well.

"It's a great opportunity to be the main event on big Fox," Henderson said. "That shows a lot of trust and faith in me, not only from the UFC top brass, but also from the top executives at Fox.

"For the Fox top brass to trust me to be in a main event again, that meant a lot. So when they called and asked me, I was like, 'Oh sure, no problem. I'm a company man. But by the way, I'm getting married three weeks before then, but yes, no problem, I'll do it.'"

Henderson said he spent significant portions of each day planning for the wedding, and other segments training for Thomson.

He explained that he was able to keep his professional life separate from his personal one without much of an issue.

"I've done a good job of keeping those things separate, I think," Henderson said. "Work is work and home is home. But you also have to keep your priorities straight. How many fights am I going to have in my career? I have 20-something now (he's 19-3) and I'm going to have a lot more fights. But how many times am I going to be married? Once. So you have to keep your priorities straight.

"You have to deal with first things first. I was able to keep the wedding planning, the ceremony planning, the reception planning all going along and concentrate on those and not just concentrate on them but enjoy them. I enjoyed going on taste testings and finding out what colors we liked and wanted and all of that stuff. So I devoted part of my day to doing that and part of my day to concentrating on the 25th and Josh Thomson."

Henderson fights Josh Thomson on Jan. 25 at the UFC on FOX event in Chicago, Illinois.

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