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Bensalem cop assaulted after car crash from pursuit

Bensalem Police  confer at the crime scene
Bensalem Police confer at the crime scene

Just after 9:00 a.m. Sept. 4 2014, a woman driving a car registered out of New Jersey was involved in a minor accident in the vicinity of Bensalem Blvd. She fled the scene and did not stop. Within a few minutes, cops spotted the vehicle and tried to stop it. The driver led cops on a short chase throughout the township. When the female reached the intersection of Street Rd and Mechnicsville Rd, she is alleged to have been driving on the wrong side of the road, and struck a car waiting to make a left turn.

The vehicle, a black BMW then bounced off of that car and spun out on Mechancisville Rd. As cops approached the suspect, she kicked on of the officers before being subdued. The officer was not hurt, said Director of Public Safety Fred Harran. "The driver of the other car is taken to the hospital, and so is the woman, she will be checked out", Harran further stated from the scene.

No other vehicles were involved. Police closed off a small stretch of Mechanicsville Rd so they could conduct an investigation. Bensalem Police

spokesman Sgt. William McVey said that information was still sketchy and they were trying to put it together. "I can confirm that no officers were hurt", he said. The suspect has not yet been identified. This article will be updated when the information becomes available.


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