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Benny Threet: Living each day for Jesus

For those who drive down 58 Highway through Raymore, Missouri, Benny has surely been a familiar sight. Benny Threet is the Company Ambassador for Old Gold Guys. Normally, a person with this position stands by the road with a sign; not Benny. He gets into his work, and really involves the passers-by. His business card says, "Honk for Dancing Benny."

Benny has been working for Old Gold Guys for the past eighteen months. He works, no matter what the weather. His boss, Julie Williams, looks out for him, though. She ensures that his health, welfare, and safety are intact. According to Benny, he plans to have this job "forever." He is grateful for this opportunity, as his previous experience was in dishwashing and janitorial work. This position gets him in the public eye--something he truly enjoys. The company provided him with four uniforms--baseball, football, Elvis, and Santa Claus--along with a guitar. He plays the guitar, dances, and keeps on the move in many ways while working.

Benny not only advertises for Old Gold Guys, he brings smiles to those who pass by, interacts with the public, and helps others in many ways. If someone stops and asks for directions, Benny is happy to help. Sometimes people will stop and supply him with water or coffee. He appreciates these offerings.

Even if Benny has not been in your view while driving through Raymore, he may seem familiar, as he was recently a part of the Pay It Forward program on Fox4 News in Kansas City. Benny was selected to receive a gift for the work that he does, which can be found here: His positivity exudes through everything he says and does. He says that paying it forward is something that is part of his life.

Benny is a member of South Haven Baptist Church in Belton, Missouri. He says that his father was a major influence in his life. He credits his dad with "showing him Jesus." When Benny goes to work each day, he not only does his advertising work, he also praises God. Many times, he can be seen raising his hands to the heavens. When asked about this, he said that his purpose is to live for Jesus, and he praises God every chance he gets.

Benny's favorite Bible verses can be found in Exodus 20, the Ten Commandments. For Benny, though, this verse from Colossians 3: 23-24 seems appropriate, "In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people. Remember that you will receive your reward from the Lord, which he promised to his people," (Bible Verses for Busy Women: A guide for moments of stress, joy, and contemplation, 2002, Des Moines, IA: Special Interest Publications).

Take a drive through Raymore on 58 Highway, slow down, and honk for Benny. Celebrate with him, and enjoy.

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