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Benmont Tench brings new music

In many ways, Benmont Tench embodies the rock and roll piano of his genre. This member of Tom Petty's classic Heartbreakers band brings his touch to classics from a phenomenal range of top groups and artists. This includes sessions work with dozen of groups including U2, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. It includes younger generations such as Fiona Apple, Ryan Adams and Alanis Morissette. It includes Johnny Cash.

Benmont Tench brings new music
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So, it is significant when this Nicky Hopkins style blues-based rocking pianist finally releases his first solo album. The album title, named after one of the tracks, is You Should Be So Lucky. The title brings to mind the keyboards on Petty's "You Got Lucky." So many of the songs in the canon of rock and roll relate back to Benmont Tench.

On this new, first solo album, Tench doesn't overstretch and seems to be enjoying the process of making the music, which means his fans will too. It is a rare moment for this supporting cast all-star to take center stage, and one senses a low-key modesty about being in the spotlight. However, few musicians are as worthy of the spotlight as the one and only Benmont Tench. The world of music is lucky to have such a multi-talented musician still trying new things.

And he brings some great help from his friends on this album of mostly original songs, with special guests including Ringo Starr, Tom Petty (with whom Tench will soon be touring!), Ryan Adams and more appearing on the album. Clearly, Tench brings far more than luck to his sound - he brings a phenomenal talent for playing the right notes at the right time. And his peers appreciate the fortune of being with an artist who carries this unique level of skill.

There is so much great music out there. Wherever and whenever it is happening, there is a great chance that Benmont Tench is somehow involved in the making of it. To achieve this decade after decade is an achievement worth noting.