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Benifits & Risks Associated With Smoking Cigars

CAO cigars
CAO cigars
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While both cigars and cigarettes contain tobacco, a big difference between the both is that in CAO cigars, tobacco is wrapped inside leaf tobacco, or other material containing tobacco. However, cigarettes include tobacco wrapped in a paper, or other materials that don’t contain tobacco. The cigars usually are thicker and bigger than cigarettes, contain more tobacco last longer whenever smoked, and are more costly. Both are known to be bad for health and they can cause lung or throat cancer. Cigars are considerably bigger than the cigarettes; one cigar contains as much of tobacco as a complete pack of cigarettes. The cigars typically contain nicotine between 100 -200 mg, while cigarettes contain about 10mg of nicotine.

All of us are aware about the danger of smoking, whether a cigar or a cigarette. Inhaling the smoke of cigars and even cigarettes on a regular basis can cause numerous kinds of cancer. But, the health risk to the general cigar smokers, who smoke not more than few cigars in a week and don’t inhale, aren’t as major.

Health Benefits Associated With Smoking Cigars

IS there any health benefit to smoking CAO cigars? Long before every research proved and revealed that it was unsafe to smoke; tobacco actually was utilized for medicinal purposes. Though all of us know that it’ll not treat cancer and other related diseases, some cigar aficionados will argue that the cigars are smoked to relax, lighten up and as a result, lower blood pressure. In addition, if smoking cigars gets enjoyment or relaxation, then it’s providing you a mental health advantage. Tobacco is believed to be help in controlling weight as well. Stretching a bit more, cigar smoke can keep away flying insects, and thus, lower the risks of contracting encephalitis or viruses when enjoying the wonderful outdoors.

Health Risks Associated With Smoking Cigars

According to the, cigars tend to be a major health risk. They include more cancers-causing substances than the cigarettes and more of tar. A few argue that a cigar’s smoke is lesser of a danger for lung cancer, since the smoke isn’t inhaled into the lung. However, as per the Journal of Prevention, cigars still are a great risk for cancer, like throat and mouth cancer, with the risks increased for the people who smoke more, inhale more, or who smoke them for long. However, the health risk for those people who smoke lesser than daily are unidentified.
Both cigarettes and cigars also offer a "passive smoking" risk to the non-smokers health that may be present in the surrounding area of smokers.

It's Your Call Now

Not to make the light of health consequences of cigars smoking, but the older rule about enjoying all the things in moderation should be applied. If you smoke lesser than one cigar every day, then it makes you an infrequent cigar smoker. And as per the, "Health risks associated to infrequent cigar smoking (lesser than daily) aren’t known". Thus, there is no perfect proof that health of people would be considerably impacted by rich smoke of CAO cigars per week.

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