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Benicio Del Toro Wolf Man trailer on Yahoo


Wolf Man teaser image

Universal has released a trailer for Joe Johnston's The Wolf Man, starring Benicio Del Toro (Sin City, Che Part One and Part Two) and Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal, Beowulf, Dracula). The remake of the classic from 1941, which starred Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains (The Invisible Man, Casablanca) and Ralph Bellamy (Trading Places, Ghost of Frankenstein), will feature the work of Rick Baker (multiple Oscars, including the pioneering American Werewolf in London). Johnston, who shared an Oscar for the visual effects of Raiders of the Lost Ark, directed the classic Rocketeer and Jurassic Park III, and will be directing the upcoming Captain America movie.

Del Toro (an Oscar winner for Traffic) plays the tortured Lawrence Talbot returning to his family’s estate after his brother’s mysterious disappearance. With Oscar winner Hopkins (for Silence of the Lambs) as Talbot’s father, Emily Bunt (The Devil Wears Prada and the forthcoming Gulliver’s Travels) as the brother’s fiancée and menace-with-a-big-smile Hugo Weaving (Matrix, Lord of the Rings) playing the inspector from Scotland Yard there’s plenty of acting power to back up what is sure to be an FX laden romp of a movie.

Visit The Wolf Man website to see the Yahoo trailer now.