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Benham brothers HGTV: Network drops show before it even starts

Benham brothers
Benham brothers
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HGTV has made the decision to drop a new show coming with the Benham brothers before it even gets a chance to start. On Wednesday, USA Today shared about this new show that is already canceled. Reports are that after looking into their background it was found out that they are "anti-gay, anti-Choice extremists." That is not good for business.

David Benham has protested outside of several places including an abortion clinic. One of the protests is on YouTube for viewers to see and of course this looks bad on him. You have to wonder why HGTV didn't check into their background a bit more before actually coming up with the idea of the show.

The planned show was explained as, ""Brothers David Benham and Jason Benham have been flipping homes for years and now they want to share their insights for house-flipping success with couples anxious to earn some extra income for their families. In each episode, the dads will guide families who are new to house flipping as they find the right place, fix it up and flip it.”

HGTV did go to their Twitter today to say that they are not going through with the series. The Benham brothers are not commenting at all though. They are refusing to comment, but it is still possible that they will come up with a statement in the next few days.