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Benghazi will never erase the tragedy of Iraq & Afghanistan

Iraq: another day-another bombing
Iraq: another day-another bombing
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There's no question that what happened in Benghazi was a tragedy, and our Ambassador and others should have been better protected. The White House response was not explicit enough, but turning that into some Watergate-like cover-up to gain political points is another Republican waste of time. There have been endless inquiries and now it's come down to some email which the Republican think is the sought after "smoking gun". The emails were found and released by some, so-called Republican watchdog group. The right-wing Republicans were seeking dirt on President Obama concerning Benghazi during the 212 presidential campaign. They've never been able to strike gold over this endless Benghazi search. Yes, it was a horrid tragedy, and Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a brave and engaging diplomat who also put himself in harms way over the years as his brand of reaching out included gaining the trust of those people in the nation where he was sent. He and three others were killed on September 11th, 2012. Their mission was attacked as Libya fell into chaos and anarchy. Terrorists and bands of rogue elements roamed the streets,armed and dangerous with no legitimate force to rein in the anarchy mushrooming all over this city.Other American forces simply couldn't get there in time to help, and our protection at this location was insufficient to protect Stevens and the others.As the melt-down continued in this country after the rebels ousted Ghadaffi, America quickly should have reinforced the area with additional troops, or evacuated Stevens and all other pro-American personnel.

To continue on a path seeking yet more investigations is to ignore our more immediate needs, especially in America where this congress sorely lacks any solutions. The proof of their inability is in their poll numbers which are at historic lows, somewhere in the 6% neighborhood of approval. The right-wing Republican Party continues to belabor the Benghazi angle thinking it will be the magic potion designed to remedy a party without guidance, answers, or a clear path on where this country should be headed: it's always about nailing Obama and the Democrats.It is my opinion that they are rapidly and rabidly focusing on this particular issue because as we close out our longest war (Afghanistan), it is becoming clear that even the obvious and necessary invasion and subsequent war, was ill-conceived to the point where many now believe (check out the polls on this) that our war in Afghanistan was a mistake. I for one, who still thinks President George W. Bush will go down in history as one of America's worst presidents, always gave Bush a pass on this war because we were attacked on 9/11 by people who had made Afghanistan their home base.The more I read now, the more I'm beginning to believe the invasion though obviously warranted, was not designed properly: too many associations with the wrong people to take leadership positions (completely corrupt "politicians"); too many "deals" which basically meant throwing billions into a black hole from which America got nothing (needless buildings & payoffs), and finally, we probably should have not engaged in a complete military encampment within Afghanistan. In other words, we should have deployed a series of troops or rapid deployment forces at strategic locations throughout the country where enemy camps existed. The one overshadowing mistake, needless to say, was taking a detour into another war in Iraq. That blunder simply spread ourselves too thin,exhausted too many soldiers, and took our eye off the primary target.Bush blew it in both Afghanistan and Iraq. More will come out as we leave our longest war, and the right-wing Republican Party feels it has no choice but to battle back at Benghazi.

We have now become embroiled in the endless campaign season. In light of 24/7 "news" and political coverage, the camera light never stops, and the endless political campaign is always alive somewhere in America, especially Washington. If all else fails, say good ideas to help under-employed Americans, why not launch another investigation? It will charge up the rabid base and take the headlines off of a congress which simply has no answers except cutting taxes and regulations. They can scream about doing nothing against Russia, but do they really want another invasion by our military? The American people are sick and tired of war, and when the right-wing speak out against Obama appearing weak, we must all remember how fawning so many people became (check out some embarrassing language by right-wing-nut Laura Ingram as George W. Bush landed on that aircraft carrier where he prematurely barked: "mission accomplished"; she gushed like a smitten school girl as this stooge took America into 2 wars and ultimate economic melt-down---"what a guy indeed!")

No, it's too late in this campaign season as we head toward the midterms in November. The right-wing Republican kooks will have another bite at the Benghazi apple. They tried getting Obama exposed as an illegal alien;they tried to label him a radical; they tried to kill Obamacare; they tried to nail Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, and will try again now, and later on as she may decide to run in 2016. Benghazi will never go away. Lets face it, America gets involved in foreign adventures too much, and when that happens, good Americans die. We should try and help out those around the world who desire peace and freedom, but those attempts come with a price. We should also keep trying to engage others, especially our allies to join that fight so it doesn't always seem like its Imperial America trying to dictate to all world citizens that it must be our way. Putin hates his downsized version of what was the Soviet Union, so he may take Ukraine by force, but he'll lose in the long run. The quest for freedom is in most human's DNA. We can help those who seek freedom get it, but we can't continue to do it alone, and at the point of a gun.As Americans, myself included, we have a tendency to always have to learn the hard way.In finishing up our longest war, once again, we still have a long way to go in learning that lesson.