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Benghazi talking points don't kill- governments do!

Benghazi special mission in flames after 9-11 terrorist attack
Benghazi special mission in flames after 9-11 terrorist attack

Let's make one thing clear, the White House Benghazi talking points memo did not kill four Americans in Benghazi - weapons trafficking did.

With all due respect to the mainstream media and cable news outlets for their coverage of the White House talking points memo on Benghazi - the talking points memo did not kill four Americans - an anti-Muslim video did not kill four Americans. Illicit weapons trafficking to U.S. enemies killed four Americans.

The point remains how many more people will die because the US trafficked weapons through Benghazi, Libya? We know some of those weapons ended up on the Syrian battlefield and at least 150,000 are dead and millions more are now refugees. What about Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan or even Libya? We don't even know how many died in those countries at the hands of illegal weapons or White House sanctioned drone strikes. Why would the President say the U.S. was only providing humanitarian aid to Syria and other war torn nations?

Why would President Obama allow his top advisers, Hillary Clinton (DoS), Leon Panetta (SecDef DoD), General Petraeus (CIA director) and General Dempsey (Joint Chief) to all go on the record and openly admit they were in favor of arming Syrian rebels, many of whom are associated with al-Qaeda and al-Nursa, and then vehemently deny U.S. liaised arms trafficking? Perhaps the President and his top cabinet members collectively forgot about the Syrian sanctions the U.S. wrote and persuaded other countries to follow, promising NOT to arm rebels/terrorists - under the guise of human rights? Regarding the infamous “talking points,” the sad truth is the White House did exactly what many White Houses have done when running for reelection-- it spun the facts for political not national security purposes. And that’s all the White House talking points memo on Benghazi did--spin the facts in their favor to win reelection.

Where’s the outrage from the American people and government? There are four dead Americans and no one, foreign or domestic, has been held to account for the murders. For crying out loud we are still arming bad guys around the world directly and through our proxies states, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, et al.

Kudos to Judicial Watch for raising private sector money to file a lawsuit against the federal government to get the talking points emails. The un-redacted emails highlight the cleverly sinister exchanges between the State Department and the White House - transparency at its finest - but surely not by design. So far we haven’t seen any emails from the White House or the Department of Defense, stay tuned that could be the next court date for Judicial Watch.

But in the end the White House talking points prove nothing about the four dead Americans - just Washington spin. That should not be the focus, the focus must be on the facts, focus on what the CIA and State Department were doing in one of the most well-known terrorist hangouts in the world, because words did not kill four Americans. The simple truth remains either the White House sanctioned the weapons program or someone went “rogue” - either scenario is punishable with jail time. And finally it's a really sad day in America when accountability for the deaths of four brave Americans’ are lost in the political distractions of a White House a talking points memo.

In closing, 190 members of Congress have demanded answers and asked House Speaker John Boehner to form a select committee to investigate the 9-11-12 terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Americans are entitled to answers from their government. What the heck are the political hacks waiting for?

All these details and more are covered in the most in-depth story “Did the CIA and State Department run illegal arms trafficking in Benghazi?” that was written December 10, 2012.

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