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'Benghazi - Obama's Watergate?'

Just shy of 40 years ago a sitting United States President, Richard M. Nixon, resigned from the office of the Presidency for his involvement in the ‘scandal’ of the infamous “Watergate Burglary.” This famous burglary was a break-in of the 1972 Democratic National Committee’s offices located in the trendy Watergate Office Complex in Washington, DC.

President Obama Just Can't Tell The Truth

The purpose of the break-in was to photograph pertinent documents containing Presidential campaign strategy of the Democrat candidate George McGovern for the impending election to be held in November 1972. Members of President Nixon’s Re-election Campaign Committee and several hired specialists in clandestine activities perpetrated the burglary, which was thwarted by Watergate security and D.C. police while in progress.

While it was never proven that President Nixon was the actual instigator of the burglary, there is little doubt that his top two advisors John Erlichman and Chief of Staff, Bob Haldeman had major roles in the implementation of the crime and subsequent cover-up. President Nixon had told his staff and advisors he wanted them to ‘do all they could to guarantee an easier victory in the coming election’ because of his less than robust 1968 victory. He had defeated opponent Sen. Hubert Humphrey by a margin of 301 Electoral votes to 191, but his popular vote-winning margin had only been just a little over 500,000 votes.

He should have had more faith in himself and his popularity with the American voters because, in spite of the ongoing drama about the burglary, Nixon won the election by the largest Electoral vote ever received by a President… 520 votes to McGovern’s 17. And, his popular vote was 18-Million more votes than his opponent.

Unfortunately, this crime/drama continued and intensified after the election, keeping Americans glued to their TV screens for close to 2-years of investigations and nay saying. Unfortunately, Nixon allowed himself to be drawn deeper into the cover-up by his advisors. His ego and unwillingness to admit that members of his staff and election committee had participated in criminal and political hijinks resulted in the President resigning from office to save himself from the embarrassment and shame of being impeached by Congress.

Today we, the American people, are embroiled by another potential scandal and cover-up by a sitting President, Barack Obama. This scandal involves not a minor burglary and political hijinks, but the burning and destruction of an American Consulate in a foreign nation and the torture and murder of 4 American citizens, including the American Ambassador to Libya.

Recently recovered inter-administration office e-mails have been uncovered (not too different from the Nixon tapes that sealed Nixon’s fate,) by the Political policing organization, ‘Judicial Watch’ that total debunked the talking points that administration flunkies and the President himself, had been spewing forth since the announcement of the tragedy in Libya.

In essence, President Obama, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and those of their staffs have lied to the American public and the parents and loved ones of those murdered in Libya. The President’s lackeys and members of a pandering liberal media continue to say, “This is nothing but wasted time and money by the Republicans”; “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi… there’s nothing there.”

My thought is this… If a sitting President in 1974 should be impeached and made to resign because he covered up a truly, comparably innocuous political hijinks scandal, why should this sitting President be held to lesser standards with 4 needless deaths on his watch, and then covering up the true cause of those deaths?

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