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Benghazi investigation: Dems ignore victims' families

One of the things that's happened during the Obama administration's cover-up of the Benghazi talking points scandal is that the administration has, for all intents and purposes, ignored the questions asked by the murdered American patriots' families.

When Rep. Adam Schiff, (D-CA), appeared on Fox News Sunday yesterday, he made it clear that Democrats would continue to ignore the families multitude of questions. Here's part of Rep. Schiff's anti-accountability spin:

REP. SHIFF: Chris, I think this is a collossal waste of time. We've already had 4 bipartisan investigations of this already and I think it's driven by a couple things. The Republican Conference is so fractured, there's really only 2 things they agree on, that they don't like Obamacare -- we've already had 50 votes on that -- and they do like talking about Benghazi and so we've had 4 investigations on that. But I don't think it makes sense for Democrats to participate in that. I think it's just a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayer resources.

Mr. Schiff, the benchmark isn't how many investigations have been conducted. Furthermore, none of the investigations have been bipartisan because Democrats insist on whitewashing the record so that President Obama is absolved of all accountability for his inactions the night the terrorists murdered Christopher Stevens.

The Democrats' other goal is to protect Hillary Clinton from being exposed as having done nothing prior to the terrorist attack to protect Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith.

The victims' families were told that the administration would arrest the filmmaker who had nothing to do with the terrorists' attacks. The victims' families weren't told that the administration would bring the terrorists to justice.

What's worst is that the victims' families weren't told why the compound in Benghazi was essentially a death trap waiting to happen.

We've learned through former NSA spokesdude Tommy Vietor that the Obama administration didn't preposition and alert military forces in the region. Further, we know that Hillary Clinton insists that she never heard that the compound in Benghazi wasn't safe.

Mr. Schiff, is it a waste of money to finally give the victims' families the answers they've sought for almost 2 years?

The Accountability Review Board didn't conduct an investigation. The conclusion of their report essentially said that the State Department building was to blame for the compound not being safe. Officially, they called it "a systemic failure." It was a failure but it wasn't the system that failed.

It was Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and President Obama that failed Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith.

Finally, the victims' families need to know is where President Obama and Hillary Clinton were when their ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was getting murdered.

Anything less than President Obama, Hillary Clinton and those that failed Stevens being held accountable is unacceptable.

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