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Benghazi derangement syndrome

Wasting our time again?
Wasting our time again?
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The R’s are at it again. As if they haven’t investigated it to death already, the House Oversight Committee…or, at least, it’s deranged chairman, Darryl Issa…has subpoenaed Secretary of State John Kerry to testify on the subject of the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. And Speaker John Boehner has announced the formation of a special “Watergate-style” committee to investigate the same subject.

Why? Because an email was revealed this week that added no new information to what was already known. The R’s…lead by Baby Lindsey Graham…insist the the email is the “smoking gun”, proving…what, exactly? That the administration lied, the pursuing R’s reply…though what the administration lied about remains kind of vague. Indeed, one former administration official said last week that he couldn’t figure out what exactly they were supposed to be covering up.

Of course, the Republican’s true motivation isn’t difficult to divine. Elections are six months away and they’re running out of issues. Their single minded focus on Obamacare has backfired, as enrollment under the Affordable Care Act reached levels higher, even, than the Obama administration dared hope. The issue is even being turned against them in places like Louisiana, North Carolina and Alaska Democrats are pointing out that Republican governors and legislatures, by refusing Medicaid expansion under the ACA…and billions of dollars of free Federal money…have kept hundreds of thousands of their own citizens from getting insurance.

So the R’s have returned to their scandal parade. Lately, though, that hasn’t worked out too well for them, either. Their latest run at the IRS “scandal” produced little new…except more evidence that liberal groups were targeted as well as conservative ones. Indeed, Chairman Issa has come under increasing criticism from his own Republican colleagues…not because he continued his investigations but because he botched them so thoroughly. And Chairman Issa has performed buffoonishly in full view of the general public.

And so it’s back to Benghazi. Incredibly, the R’s ire isn’t aimed at the attacks themselves, or even the security lapses may have led to the deaths of our people. No, their target is the talking points that Ambassador Susan Rice used on a weekend talk show, stating that the attacks were part of demonstrations against an offensive anti-Muslim video rather than a terrorist attack. Of course, they do ignore the fact that the administration was on Capitol Hill two days later, stating it was an act of terrorism…or that the talking points were essentially written by the CIA, not the White House.

But they have nothing else and it doesn’t really bother them that everybody but their base is pretty much laughing at them. One does wonder sometimes, though, why their outrage is at their own countrymen…particularly the President…and not those who attacked our consulate and killed our people.

No, actually, one doesn’t wonder. One knows. It's the color of the President’s skin.

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